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More Stolen Material -- Comic Book Art
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:55:02 PM »
This was posted to MOPO on October 21st by Ira Rubenstein, who is trying to help in the recovery of yet more stolen material... this time it being comic book art.

I thought it wouldn't hurt to re-post here what Ira wrote and published to MOPO a couple weeks ago, just on the chance that someone might have been offered or may have seen any of this material online or elsewhere.

Hello Mopo,

Some of you know that I use to work at Marvel.   My friend and Chief Creative Director Joe Quesada had a bunch of his own private collection stolen recently.   

Since you all keep an eye out for things.   I would appreciate it if you could do the same for my friend Joe.

Here is his email with the little description I have. He knows who did it and he is in custody. Mr. Francesco Bove.   So if you purchased anything from him,  please know it may have been stolen and I know Joe is interested in purchasing it back. 



There was an enormous collection of Archie art from various artists like Stan Goldberg, Harry Lucey, Sam Schwartz but the majority of it by Dan DeCarlo. There were also Laugh Comics pages by Bill Woggon, The Adventures Of Pipsqueak by Walt Lardner as well as Pat The Brat and Shrimpy by Joe Harold and a huge assortment of other artists from the 50s and 60s to today. I lost pages of my own professional art as well as art I purchased from dear and talented friends.

But what stings the most is that Mr. Bove took artwork that I had discovered many years ago stored in my fatherís home after he had passed away. Drawings and paintings I did in elementary school, high school and college. Practice sample pages I had done before ever seriously thinking I could be in comics. This was art I was leaving behind for my daughter just as my father had left it for me. It kills me to think that Iíll never get this stuff back now that itís been scattered to the four winds perhaps bought and sold more times than I care to imagineÖ or possibly even destroyed.

Now hereís the part where I could use your help.

While Iím hopeful that now in custody Mr. Bove may lead the Detectives to the people and locations where he sold the art, perhaps some of you reading this might be able to point the Sparta New Jersey Police Department in the right direction. If youíve purchased any art from Mr. Francesco Bove and have it in your possession or know someone who does please contact
Det. Jeffrey McCarrick at (973) 726-4072

Or the Sparta New Jersey Police Department or on their FB page

Please know that I understand completely that this was sold under false pretenses and I fault no one for not knowing that. All I want is to retrieve as much of the art as I possibly can especially the attached Dan DeCarlo cover for Archie #322 which means the world to me and my family. Unfortunately it has been sold at least twice over that Iím aware of but if you know where I can find it I will gladly purchase it back.
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