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Welcome to another edition of the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show. It's a bargain basement smorgasbord today, filled with several "lot" purchases and posters of "iffy" quality. But I'm broke. You've got to take what you can get, right? I actually have 11 in this batch (instead of the usual 10). Because so many are "lot" titles and there's nothing spectacular to see anyway, I just threw all 11 in to this post just to get them out of the way...

Okay, we might as well get this over with. Let's take a look...


This poster has some issues, but...IGLOO? Who ever even HEARD of this flick before? This is one of the "lot" posters, of course. See the mom Eskimo with two suckling babes? I am sure that was put on the poster to draw some sort of audience into this. Zzzzzz I'm bored just thinking of what this movie must be like.


This poster looks familiar. I may have another copy. This was a "lot" purchase (as I am sure the other copy---should I have one--was as well).


I do know I have another copy of this poster. I like this poster---but have not seen the flick. This is another "lot" poster.


I love the silent movie era look of this advance poster. I love Gene Wilder, but believe it or not, this is the only one of his films I have never seen--and he wrote/directed it. This is an advance style (Note the "Coming for Christmas" tag on the bottom).


US poster for the Italian import giallo flick. I have a couple of copies of this. They're usually so cheap...but really? Why spend the money again? I don't know why I do that all of the time...


I might already have one of these, but I'm not so sure. This is a re-release poster for the old serial RETURN OF CAPTAIN MARVEL. However, it seems that they showed all 12 chapters of the serial at once---so you could see the complete story. Over 4 hours? Zowie! (Or should I say "Shazam"?)


I laughed out loud when I read some of the verbiage on here. "You can't call me a tramp yet...I just got to town mister!" Ha! A true uptight story of a girl on the loose.... makes it sound like a sleazy sexploitation classic, right? It is advertised as if it were one. However, I have since looked this up. Although there is no rating shown on the poster, this thing was rated PG (well, actually, it was "GP" back in those weird early years of the ratings system...). It's about a girl who gets rich and leaves her life behind to run to Hollywood and have fun. It's probably a turd, but I did like the (cheap) poster.


When I got this poster, I was thinking it was for the 1984 Wings Hauser schlockfest. But then I realized it was a retitling of FORBIDDEN WORLD from 1982. I had not seen this poster before. Kind of cheap but kind of cool.


Britt Ekland and Mark Lester star in WHAT THE PEEPER SAW, the Italian psychological thriller from the early 70s.


Johnny Weissmuller was the first speaking TARZAN. When he got too old for the part, he turned to playing adventurer JUNGLE JIM in a string of films. The posters for JUNGLE JIM movies seem almost as hard to find as the TARZAN posters (if not more so). This one is in pretty rough--but passable--shape. I don't think i had ever seen this poster I snagged it when I came across it.


This is really a lame poster---but it is in great condition. What the hell is it? It is an obscure nudie from the mid-60s that I became aware of thanks to SOMETHING WEIRD video. The "electronic lover" of the title is a big machine (basically a TV) that broadcasts intimate time of various women when they are alone---like a high tech (for the day) peeping tom. It really is not worth your time....but it had a poster? As lame as it is, I wasn't letting it get away. This is a rarity. (At least, I don't recall seeing any others before...)

And that's our show for today. Really. That's it. I told you it was a bargain basement lot-riddled mess. You really should have cleaned out your navel lint instead of bothering to read through it.

Like last time, I don't anticipate being back again any time soon (with a new purchases post, that is)...unless I come up with more low budget trash like today's offering.

See ya next time, whenever that might be...


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Welcome back! Despite the marquee, this edition of the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show is NOT going to be a "thriller." Ha! I boo boo-ed again. I've been kind of down about a lot of things lately. So, what do I go and do? Spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on several lots from eMovieposter. EEK! Most of the posters are beyond crap (and will never make it into a post). The ones below are, to my taste, somewhat tolerable.

Take a look or run back to the ticket booth now and beg for your money back. Once we get started, there will be no refunds given.

Ready? Set? SNORE...I mean, here we GO-GO!


I've not seen this flick, but I have seen the poster pop up now and again. I have never really paid much attention to it, thinking (originally) that is was some sort of sexploitation knockoff  wannabe"sequel" to BONNIE AND CLYDE...but the car and the clothes are too modern (well, for 1972) for that. So...I don't know what to make of this. As I said, I haven't seen it. I got this in one of my recent lot purchases. But it does have genre vets Tiffany Bolling and Alex Rocco, so it could be interesting.


I have another of these somewhere (I think). This was a lot purchase for the Umberto Lenzi flick one sheet. Creepy cool image, at least. Henry Silva and Ray Lovelock are in it. Too bad it's a crime/cop drama and not a horror flick (which it LOOKS like it should be).


I know nothing about this sex change (?) or cross dresser (?) flick. This was (surprise! Not.) another lot purchase. I don't know who star Anne Heywood is, but I wondered if she were really a he (or a former he), so I looked her up. Nope. She's a she.. Perhaps they borrow from the HOMICIDAL playbook and have Anne play a boy who becomes a girl, as they (spoiler) did in the William Castle flick? (Jean Arless aka Joan Marshall was the crossdressing psychopath in the Castle flick). It could be fun, but looks like it would be too melodramatic and schmaltzy, like a late-night movie on LIFETIME or something...but certainly no GLEN OR GLENDA? Lot purchase.


Hmm. This is NOT the best looking poster ever. I am delighted with it though. It's the one sheet for a movie better known as THE PROWLER on home video. (Apparently it was also known as THE PITCHFORK OF DEATH at one point. Ha! LOVE that title!) I saw this back in the day on VHS. Farley Granger is in it, but the REAL draw is that the special effects were done by TOM SAVINI. Cult fave Joseph Zito directed it.


I had this already, of course. Now I have several. ARGH! While HALLOWEEN H20 is one of the better sequels in the series, it is one of the lamest posters and, I believe, the first in the series to feature photoshopped heads of the actors instead of real artwork. Because it is one of the better films in the series, I go this poster lot (10 copies of the same thing--HA!) to help in selling some of the crap off in lots of my own on eBay (If I ever get off of my butt and do it. How long have I been saying I was going to do that? Months? YEARS?? Ha!) Whatever...


I love my kiddie matinee posters...and this one is from K. Gordon Murray, one of the best (er, most notorious?) I have another copy of this somewhere. I remember going to battle bidding on the other copy of this sucker because I had to have it. Now I have this other copy from a lot purchase. Ha! I'm such a dork... In rainbow color. Free prizes to all!


I am reasonably sure I have a copy of this already. Do I? Hmm. I know I have the (better) alternate poster with the woman giving birth in the halls of a spaceship. Zowie! This is an ALIEN ripoff. I saw this a zillion years ago (back in the VHS days, of course). I should track it down and see it again. Stephanie Beacham (DRACULA A.D. 1972, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS, and DYNASTY) stars with Victoria Tennant and Judy Geeson.


I am pretty sure I have one of these. This is a fun poster. Notice the faux, wannabe Millennium Falcon? Ha! Craptastic flick-and just look at that cast! Neville Brand, Aldo Ray, Julie Newmar, John Carradine, and Tina Louise. Zowie!!!


This was a lot purchase...but, believe it or not, THIS poster was why I bid and bid and BID. I had to have this. I don't believe I've ever seen this crappy kiddie matinee poster before. Like MOTHER GOOSE' BIRTHDAY PARTY, this mess (I haven't seen it, but I am familiar with these films in general) was presented by kiddie matinee / imported Mexican horror movie guru, K. Gordon Murray. Whoo hoo! I LOVE this!


Out of all of the posters in this posting, this is the only one that was NOT a lot purchase. Yep, I bought this French poster for ALLIGATOR on its own. This is cheesy bad Italian JAWS ripoff (filmed in Sri Lanka) with a giant fake alligator munching on tourists at a resort run by Mel Ferrer. Barbara (from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, THE UNSEEN, and Mrs. Ringo Starr) Bach and Richard (THE HAUNTING, BEYOND THE DOOR, ZOMBIE) Johnson also star. Directed by Sergio (TORSO, ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, THE WHIP AND THE BODY, and SLAVE OF THE CANNIBAL GOD) Martino. And--zowie! There's a naked lady (no peeking!) on the poster. Ha!

That's ten...and that is all for this posting. Next time (which will be very, very soon), there'll be even more (WORSE) lot purchases. I know you can't wait. (NOT! HA!)

Thanks for visiting.


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Bonnie's kids don't look 36-24-35 ... false advertising!  rofl1

Alligator with nude woman suitable for 13+ in France... Yea France. Nice poster  ;D

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Oh man, Monster!  Did you really just mix kiddie posters and teen exploitation posters in the same post?!  That right there just ain't right! Shock-O-Rama, indeed!

Steve, did you mean in need of "falsie" advertising?


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Welcome back...  If you paid attention last time (if you bothered to visit last time, that is), you would know that I recently bought several "lots" of assorted posters. So today, it's more of the good, the bad, and the ugly (and how!) from those lots. Stomach distress may occur (from such a lack of taste or anything interesting to look at), so you may want to have a receptacle handy. The management in know way takes responsibility (kind of like our president) if this presentation drives you to drink heavily or abuse yourself in other ways. This isn't quite the bottom of the barrel, but CLOSE to it.

STEVE/50s: I am sorry about the false advertising. I want you to know that i personally called up Tiffany Bolling's agent and told her about her scandalous deception. He guaranteed that she would NEVER falsely give her measurements again in any other sexploitation flicks. Of course, she is 73 now. But that is beside the point...  Thanks for visiting.

OKIE:  Teen exploitation... Kiddie posters... it's all just poster sludge mixed together in a big poster lot reject soup. Forgotten posters from obscure movies on the fringes of cinema history... Get over it. And thank you for visiting.

Okay, without further adieu, here are the posters...


Oh my stars! This is some of the WORST poster art I have ever seen (so, of course, I had to share it). What were the studio execs thinking? Did someone have a kid that they thought was an artistic genius or something? Yikes! Robert Carradine and Linda Hamilton should have sued over their likenesses...or lack there of. The more I looked at this mess (which was included in a lot purchase, of course), the more I found to be surprised about. Kristine DeBell was in this? And...directed by Nick Castle? THE Nick Castle? "The Shape" from the original HALLOWEEN? Huh? Sure enough, it was him...and this poster is a bogus re-titling of TAG: THE ASSASSINATION GAME. Why isn't that movie available? I remember reading about it years ago. I  wanted to see it, but it never came to town. As far as I know, it has only been made available on DVD via bootleg companies. What's the problem? Is it as bad as this poster? I've actually heard and read good things about it. Why was it "assassinated" from home video? Hmm.


Oh lord...this looks just awful. And this is a "special Academy Award winner"? What did it win? Most unbelievable crap? I like my kiddie matinee posters...but this isn't quite that. Featuring Burton's Love Birds and Jimmy the Crow (Jim Crow? Really? Oh my...). Zowie! Where are the sequels? UGH. (Yes--this is a lot purchase.)


I have no idea what this movie is like. Another lot purchase. "Not wanted by two countries! A bordertown boy and a pup from a bad littler!" Jinkies! I hope he doesn't end up in one of Trump's migrant detention centers. This movie looks like it is probably overly melodramatic ("Share the excitement...the laughter...the tears"). It'd probably make me wanna barf...or at least gag heavily. Ha! This flick seems to be pretty much forgotten. Who has ever even heard of this? I found it on IMDB. This quote was in the trivia section: "About 80% of the script was filmed with a crew of five with a stand-in for Cesar Romero." Ha! (Of course, the trivia section says the film was never released and ended up just going to TV...which makes no sense because I have the poster. But whatever...) Oh well--it's a bit of movie obscura from 1961. And it stars Mike, the world's fastest dog! Zowie! Ha!

This part of the poster had me doing a double take? "A search to find love!" Oh my! Does Cesar Romero play a (gasp!) pedophile in this or something? SHOCKING!!! Oh... Double take... DUH! The kid needs someone. He's a runaway. I get it. I guess my 21st century mindset has me a bit jaded...


This was a lot purchase...and also, it turns out, a poster for a Charles B. Pierce movie (under a different name). Pierce is best known for THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREAK (his first film) and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. This flick (starring Chuck Pierce Jr.) was his second film and is better known as BOOTLEGGERS (it even mentions it was previously called that below the title here). Original CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Jaclyn Smith is in this. Odd little curio for fans of Pierce's work.


Another lot item. I know nothing about the movie, but found the poster fun. And, darn it all... I recognize the artist's work from other things, but I can NOT remember who it is. ARGH! Starring no one you've ever heard of. Hmm. Most of the names look foreign. Perhaps it's an import? An American International Picture imported a lot. Yep. I just looked it up. It is Danish. The original version was in color. The release here was in glorious (aka cheap-o) black and white. Good ol' A.I.P.--gotta stretch that dollar!


I'm pretty sure I have this already. There are two posters for INVASION OF THE FLESH HUNTERS (actually there are three, if you count it's better/alternate title, CANNIBALS IN THE STREETS). This is the least interesting of them. Ha! Genre fave John Saxon stars.


I was never (Gasp!) a big Charles Bronson fan. I've never seen CHINO (this was a lot purchase, of course). His wife, Jill Ireland, co-stars. The poster says it is a "Dino DeLaurentiis film" yet right next to that it says "produced and directed by John Sturges". Okay...


I'm fairly certain I have one of these as well... Richard Gere, hot on the heels of his success in AMERICAN GIGOLO and AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN returned in the remake of the 1960 French film of the same name (In France, it was called A BOUT DE SOUFFLE). The film did have some cool style. The


This was a lot poster--and kind of lame looking...but I am so thrilled to get this. I've been wanting one for a while. Yes this film is essentially a remake/ripoff of THE TIME TRAVELERS from three years earlier--but this is still cheesy in its own fun way. And the poster is so bargain basement craptastic--I love it! (Although the poster for THE TIME TRAVELERS is way better...).


I believe I have another copy of this ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON poster. This was a lot purchase as well...but this poster is, at least, cool. The skull-headed cop aiming a gun at you is classic. Have I seen this film? No...but it looks like exploitation heaven.

Okay kiddies, that is the show for the day. Total crap-o-rama.. I hope you were able to stomach it all and endure. The sad thing is that I still have a LOT more lot purchases to post...and many of them are just as bad as some of those that appeared today. (There are worse ones, believe it or not, but I will SPARE you having to wade through those...) I'll see you next time (if you dare to return, that is...). Thank you, as always, for visiting.

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Hello and welcome back. "Show of the century"? Is that what you are expecting? Um... I suppose if it is the only poster show you see in a century, it would be the "show of the century"...but otherwise? Uh... Um... Well... Not everything lives up to its hype. In other words, get ready to be utterly disappointed!

Yes, it's more of my lot purchases, curated pointlessly (as who is going to bother to read my blather for such uninteresting posters?) and proudly (NOT) displayed for your viewing...uh, enjoyment (or something like that).

Yeah...I'd skip out about now if I were you. Move along. Move along. You ain't missin' much here.

Okay...if you truly are a glutton for punishment and you really want to see what, fine pieces of cinematic promotional art I have in store for you today, let's begin... (But don't say I didn't warn you.)


I knew nothing about this lot purchase poster. I had never even heard of the flick. Thinking it was some silly sex comedy from the early 70's, I looked it up on IMDB. Oh my stars! It sounds jaw-droppingly bizarre...but I'm guessing it must be really, REALLY awful as something like this would surely find a distributor on DVD/BluRay today. The description reads:

"A woman sent by the President of the United States to infiltrate and bring down the Los Angeles porn industry instead falls in love with the well-endowed founder of the city's only rental house for animal sex performers."

I'm NOT kidding. Look it up yourself. Ha!  The only cast member I recognized on IMDB was Lori Saunders from PETTICOAT JUNCTION. The bulk of the others seem to be character actors, but no one I recognize.

At least the art is kind of fun... (or not.)


I got one of these a few years ago (I've actually had several come my way, I think...). Has anyone ever seen this flick? When i got my first copy, I was kind of jazzed in a campy way. It looked like a roller disco movie (i.e. ROLLER BOOGIE, SKATETOWN USA, XANADU) that I hadn't heard of. It might be a hoot.
Wikipedia said it was about roller disco---but was a documentary. (!?!) IMDB also lists it as a documentary/drama and gave a bit more detail with this brief description:

"The story of 'Pat the Cat' Richardson, Vincent 'Vinzerrelli' Brown and Inez Daniels, three people whose colorful lives revolve around the local roller rink in Brooklyn."

Other sources say that the movie follows certain individuals whose dream it is to be professional roller disco stars. Oh my... The movie must be a hoot. Too bad that roller disco was already a faded fad by 1980 when this came out. I was too young for the roller disco thang. I was barely in my teens when it was popular. But I would love to see the film. It would bring me so much joy, I think -- for all of the wrong reasons.


It's a BEACH PARTY ripoff (or, perhaps a SKI PARTY ripoff, which came the year before) set on skis in the winter. I have this poster already. This was another lot purchase. The film stars Gary Clarke, who was on THE VIRGINIANS. I never saw that. Instead, I know him best for stepping into Michael Landon's TEENAGE WEREWOLF shoes in the quasi-sequel HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (with TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN's Gary Conway). The real reason to see this would be to see mid-60 pop stars JAY AND THE AMERICANS, THE BEAU BRUMMELS, DICK AND DEE DEE and THE ASTRONAUTS performing.


I'm fairly certain I already have a copy of this lot poster purchase...not that the art on it is all that interesting. John Phillip Law, Cameron Mitchell and Richard Moll (from TV's NIGHT COURT, but for some reason billed as Charles Moll) star. I saw this back in the VHS days. As I recall, the movie is made up of three unfinished films cut into shorter versions and presented as some sort of anthology. I remember that part but not that the bridging parts on the train (where the stories are being told) were between the devil and God (as I read on IMDB). Hmm. If I remember correctly, there was a band on the train, too...oh duh! They are mentioned in the poster's tag line. Ha! It was forgettable...but interesting that it apparently actually got a release into theaters.


I have several copies of this poster. This copy was a lot purchase, of course. This is an Umberto Lenzi flick with Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lay and is notorious for being the initial film in the cannibal sub-genre of Italian cinema of the 70s and 80s, even though there is no cannibalism in this flick. Also known as SACRIFICE.


Another lot poster purchase...but kind of a fun poster. Peter Cushing, Diana Dors,  Donald Pleasence, Lesley-Anne Down and David Warner star in this Amicus Productions anthology that may be better known as FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.


DEMON WITCH CHILD is Spanish filmmaker Amando de Ossorio's take on THE EXORCIST/possession movies. So, of course, I've seen it...and have the poster already. This was a lot purchase, but I have bought this poster a couple of times on its own (Why do I do that? UGH! Maybe I'm possessed? Ha!) De Ossorio is known for the four BLIND DEAD films. This film? Not such a big following... Oh well.


This is a minor exploitation classic by the late, great trash impresario Ted V. Mikels (THE CORPSE GRINDERS, ASTRO-ZOMBIES, etc.). This was a lot purchase and I would rather have the poster for the alternate title (THE BLACK KLANSMAN...not to be confused with Spike Lee's excellent BLACKKKLANSMAN), but I am super thrilled to have this one. Hooray! I'm sure audiences were shocked and outraged when this first came out in 1966. Ha! It's sad that stuff like what is depicted in the film actually happened (and probably still happens), but it is exploitation gold to me.


I have this poster already. This was another lot purchase. I had previously posted the alternate poster for this film...which isn't nearly as nice. There is one more poster with the alternate title CANNIBALS IN THE STREET. John Saxon stars. As I recall, (I saw this back in the VHS days) this is the story of some Vietnam vets who were exposed to some chemical or other agent that turns them into out-of-their-minds cannibals. EEK! It isn't as good as it sounds. Ha!

 This is the best poster for the film (I think).

And there you have it, ten more total, masterpieces of movie marketing. (Sooooo NOT TRUE!) And guess what? I have even MORE lot posters to share. Whoopie!

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back soon. (TOO soon.) (NO, that was NOT a threat...) You can stick along longer if you'd like. Hello? Hello? HELLO?

Hmm... Okay. See you next time.

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Welcome back. You MUST be a glutton for punishment as I am still in the midst of, gracefully sharing my recent lot poster purchases. There is nothing interesting to see. REALLY. Most of the posters in this post are copies of things I already had before from previous purchases, so I am basically sharing them again. But since you are here...and it is a bargain matinee day...go ahead and grab a seat. The show is about to begin...


Another lot poster...and this one I include, not because it's a good movie (never seen it/heard of it) or even a good poster. I include it because it is another example of horrendous poster art. WHO approved this crap...or maybe I just never realized Lee Van Cleef had 16 arms before. (If you think there are only 8, look again. Each gun has two hands on it.) And what is the big fissure for? Is this part disaster movie or something? Miserable fail. (At least I think so...)


I have a few copies of this---and this copy was an auction lot purchase. This flick was just recently re-issued on DVD/BluRay by Severin alone and/or as part of the Al Adamson Masterpiece Set. Al Adamson was a b-movie (or worse) director of such flicks as SATAN'S SADIST, BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR, BLAZING STEWARDESSES, and DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN. CARNIVAL MAGIC came towards the end of his career. It's a kiddie film more or less and stars Alexander the Great ("The Talking Chimpanze") and Don (Who?) Stewart (Star of CBS-TV's THE GUIDING LIGHT). The poster is colorful...but that is about it.


This is probably better known today under the moniker that Code Red released it as, LAST HOUSE ON MASSACRE STREET. It was also known as THE HOUSE THAT CRIED MURDER. I saw it a while back on some multi-movie set of public domain flicks, and yes....that's about where it belonged. This is a pretty forgettable horror yard about a psycho bride. The dead characters come back as non-spooky ghosts, if I remember correctly. It was pretty weak. The poster is the best part of the movie---and even that is not so great. But...this was from an auction lot purchase. What are you gonna do?


Another forgotten horror flick. This was a lot poster purchase, but I already had a copy I believe. I'm sure I saw this and it was okay---but had a bad TV movie-like feel to it. Ha!  A bunch of young women are at an inn (more like someone's house) after receiving a free trip there. They become friends and are disappointed each morning when one of the bunch has had to leave early in the morning before anyone else (except for the kindly old couple who run the place) was awake. There's lots of meat at dinner, The old couple can't let their guests go hungry...


I already had this poster...but...   I finally saw this not too long back...and was disappointed. I remember as a kid when this came out. Ooooo I so wanted to see it, but never got to. It was okay--but I think I had it so built up in my mind that seeing it finally was disappointing. It's an Italian flick from the early 70s--so expect that aspect of it. Directed by Sergio Martino.


I already had this poster when I got this lot... It's such a bad poster for a fun movie that is more or less a GREMLINS knockoff. The title CRITTERS are hiding under the structure the people are standing on...and you can't even really see them. SNORE! Bad design, but no one asked me.


I had this poster already...and the one for its re-titling, TENEMENT. Grindhouse legend Roberta Findlay directs. Media Blasters/Shriek Show have this out on an uncut BluRay with the combined title  TENEMENT: GAME OF SURVIVAL. It has a cult following.


Vinegar Syndrome recently released this to DVD/BluRay under the alternate title (Did they come up with it?)  HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE. This 1970 horror yarn stars Miriam Hopkins (she was in the original DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE with Fredric March in 1931) in her last film role...playing a former movie star. The Three Stooges' "Curly" Joe Besser and Gale Sondergarard (who was originally cast as the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 MGM version of THE WIZARD OF OZ before Victor Fleming was hired and thought she was far too glamorous for the role) also star. I have not seen it yet, but Vinegar Syndrome has a sale on this weekend and I ordered my copy. Yahoo! I have long wanted to give this a watch...


This is the alternate title for INVASION OF THE FLESH HUNTERS (which is the better title).  John Saxon stars. This poster is not that exciting, certainly not as good as one of the styles for the alternate title.


This is another auction lot purchase...that I was actually thrilled to get. I've been wanting one of these--I may have one already, but I don't think so. Is there anything more exploitative than women in prison movies? This one stars Jill St. John (from the James Bond flick DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER), Peter Brown (RIDE THE WILD SURF and the TV series LAREDO), Nita Talbot (HOGAN'S HEROES and AMITYVILLE 1992: IT'S ABOUT TIME), and CAMILLE KEATON (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and its sequel). The director is Tom DeSimone, who is known for a handful of minor exploitation classics (HELL NIGHT, REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS) but mostly for (usually gay) porn (THE IDOL, SONS OF SATAN and the 3D epic HEAVY EQUIPMENT). I know him best for the amazing sequence (the entire plane portion) in TERROR IN THE JUNGLE from 1968 that plays like a mini-precursor to the AIRPORT flicks that would come later. THE CONCRETE JUNGLE is a bit more upscale than most women in prison movies---but is still exploitation gold.

Okay. That's it for this time. I hope it wasn't too boring---but I did warn you. There will be more very soon. (Yes, I still have lots more lot purchases to share...EEK!) Thank you for being so attentive.

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Hey! GoGo,

While it's pretty clear you don't rate a lot of these posters you've shown lately I just wanted to give you full marks for the way you show them all, you show them all in a very fun way, most of them are worth a quick look even if it's just to read some of your amusing comments about them, and to be fair they are not all bad anyway.

I would imagine the majority of poster collector's on here would admit to buying the odd dud here & there (myself included). thumbsup.gif

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I like to look at the poster first then read the comment. Escape from death row commentary made me laugh after seeing the image, yes poster is pretty bad. Yea, concrete jungle poster looks good, wondering what girl on floor is holding (a pillow?)

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Welcome back. Today's Shock-O-Rama Poster Show still finds us mired in auction lot purchase poster land...and we have some dismal (and not so dismal) posters to lay your eyes upon...if you bother to proceed.

Test1: How delightful to have you stop in and say hello. I'm glad you like my blather. Even though a lot of the posters are nothing special, I still try to curate them somewhat. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts...and I appreciate the visit as well. Stop by any time. CHEERS!

50s/Steve: Hi there. Always a pleasure seeing you here. And, of course, you'd like THE CONCRETE JUNGLE poster. Ha! I'm guessing HOME MOVIES or ZAPPED--such as they are--will be your faves of the current (underwhelming) batch. Thank you for visiting. Glad you got a laugh from ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW. I'm still shocked by what a crappy poster it is...

The show is about to start. Please make your way to the theater. No running. Watch your step...


It took me a while to figure out what this movie really was. It was an auction lot purchase, of course. I have other copies of this from other lot purchases in the past. But WALK OF THE DEAD? Never heard of it other than the poster. Hmm. I saw the star was Richard Nashy...couldn't find him, but went with a hunch. Could it be Spanish horror star Paul Naschy with a lost-in-translation name? I looked on IMDB and sure enough there it was, listed as an alternate title for 1973's VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES. Mystery solved.


This was in one of my recent lot purchases. For some reason I've seen this boring (and orange!) poster go for a decent price...and I have no idea why. I am fairly certain I saw this ages ago in the VHS era...and was bored. Radley Metzger fans probably know something I don't...or maybe I saw something else or an alternate version?'s an ugly poster.


Here is a lot poster I don't think i owned already. It's got an interesting title I don't think I was familiar with. However, I'm guessing this is more noir-ish/crime/detective than horror.


What would a lot purchase be without a copy of ZAPPED stuck in it? Ugh. Scott Baio and Willie Aames star is one of the dumbest of teen comedies. Believe it or not, there was a ZAPPED 2 (that no one saw or remembers).


This lot poster I did not have already. James Mason stars in what looks like a Euro crime drama. I just looked it's from Italy from 1975...and is apparently based on a true story.


I remember seeing this flick back in the day...and being disappointed. I'm sure it may be a fine film. However, when I saw it, I remember being delighted by the MONTY PYTHON connections to the film (co-written by and starring Graham Chapman, with Eric Idle and John Cleese). I was expecting it to be MONTY PYTHON-esque...and it wasn't. What it was...I don't recall. I just remember being bummed out by the non-MONTY PYTHON-ness of it all.  The poster was part of a lot purchase, of course. Using the top of a bald head as a map was amusing. Beyond that, there's not much to say about the image. Great cast though...


When I was looking through the, fine art posters that made up the auction lots I had purchased, I came upon this. HOME MOVIES? Never heard of it...but it's by Brian DePalma? Huh? An it's a comedy? It stars Nancy Allen, Kirk Douglas, Vincent Gardenia, Garrit Graham? What? That it also starred Kieth Gordon made me realize this must have been fairly close to DRESSED TO KILL, but this flick? Pino Donaggio did the score? HOW did I miss it? I guess something good DID come from the lots I purchased. I learned this film exists. It apparently was a big flop-a-rama though. IMDB says its budget was $400,000 and it made $89,134. THAT'S how I missed it...


This is also known as CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD and I am reasonably sure I have copies of the posters for both titles. (Although the poster of CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD is better, I think. The cartoon dialogue bubbles with the bad puns really sinks this version.) Andrew Prine and Mark Damon star.


Oh, this movie is painfully bad. UGH! The poster is decent and is the best thing about the movie probably. Really. Staring a Swanson's frozen dinner might be just as interesting... (But the poster is nice).


When I first saw another copy of the poster, I was fascinated. I had to have it, even though I had only learned of the film's existence at that moment. The copy I got then was not is great shape. Even though I have yet to see this flick, I am thrilled to have this copy of the poster. It looks fantastic. Another lot buy ...but I'm happy with this poster. Starring George Sanders, this one was apparently directed by Billy Wilder's brother and written by his nephew. And based on the real "Bluebeard" (Henri-Desire Landru) who killed about 18 women between 1914 and 1918. EEK!

And thus you have survived one more bout of lot poster purchases. O' the joy... Do you think you can stomach another batch? Do you have guts of steel? I've got one more batch o' lot posters left to post. Most of them are bottom of the barrel nothings (and know that there are still others that will not see the light of day on my posts. EEK!). Come back...if you are brave enough.

See you then. Thank you for visiting.

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Hi Monster,  Interesting you showed your Yellowbeard poster.  Just last night I watched Graham Chapman's interview on Letterman when Chapman was promoting Yellowbeard.  Chapman was wearing a very, very open unbuttoned shirt and talked about his personal life.  Juxtaposed against The Meaning of Life interviews with his fellow Pythons, it was much more serious.  Okie
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Zapped looks like a good movie. Gotta be hard to improve with Zapped 2. I like art

Home Movies... what's that Dad at Work frame... Looks dodgy!

Great score getting Bluebeard  thumbsup.gif skeletons look good and the 1 to 10 comments down the side are a bit of a shocker!

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Welcome back. This, I promise, is the final post of "lot" purchases. And let me tell you, I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with 10. In fact, some of the ones I ended up going with were going to be relegated to the so-bad-I'll-never-share-them pile. However, I did not have 10 I was willing to several of these shown are coming from that poster dung heap I was trying to spare you from. Sorry.

OKIE:  How interesting you saw that I had just watched it as well. Ha! Thanks for visiting, as usual.

50s/STEVE: You're becoming a regular again. I like that. The selection today is the absolute WORST of the lot purchases (that I'll bother to share). I doubt you will like any of them...except for the first one, which I posted with YOU in mind. Ha!

Okay...what do you say? You were brave enough to visit. Let's get this over and done with. Here we go-go:


Apparently this is an alternate title for MISS NUDE AMERICA or MISS NUDE AMERICA CONTEST. This is a documentary,  according to IMDB. I would have guessed this was fiction. Is there really a Naked City in Indiana? Ha! This was a lot purchase.


I had not heard of this flick from 1961 when I got the poster in a lot bundle. I like the old school look of it...but the actors? Never heard of anyone on the credits. It was either a low-budget flick or an import. The United Artists logo made me think the latter...and when I looked it up, sure enough, it is from the UK...and apparently a take on BREWSTER'S MILLIONS (1935).


I'd never heard of this movie, but the cast was impressive; Jackie Gleason, Maureen O'Hara, Shelley Winters and Rosemary Forsyth. I'm guessing it was forgettable and not a hit? Yes, this really is the bottom of the barrel.


Another flick I've not heard of...but has an interesting title. Dorothy Malone, Keenan Wynn and Aldo Ray star....and there is a shark on the poster. Ooooo...


Fun cast on this on... Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld, Frankie Avalon and Dina Merrill star in I'LL TAKE SWEDEN. I've not seen this flick---this is yet another auction lot purchase--but it looks fun.  Yah... Yah... Yah!!!* (*Yeah...Yeah... Yeah!!!)


Renato Fratini is the artist on this poster. He did a foreign (Italian? British?) FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the 1962 Hammer PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and a lot of the CARRY ON posters, 1972's ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA and the Italian poster for INVADERS FROM MARS, to name a few. But KHARTOUM? Anyone know this title? The poster is nice, but the movie is unknown to me. It looks like some epic movie with a incredible production values... But how is it? Sight And Sound Magazine said it is "beautifully photographed, lavishly mounted, intelligently acted, but ultimately dull." 'Nuff said, I guess. Great cast....but still. This was another lot poster.


I had no idea what this was when I found it in the auction lot. BLOODRAGE? Hmm. The poster is weak, so I was just going to disregard it...and then I noticed Joseph Zito was attached to it and Lawrence Tierny was in it. Huh? I looked it up and it is a horror flick...however, it's a very obscure one from 1980. It is apparently about a small town country bumpkin who kills a hooker...then runs away to New York City, so he can kill more of them. One review likened it to a no-budget TAXI DRIVER ripoff. Looks and sounds like a totally unpleasant sleaze fest...


I thought I knew this picture. However, when I looked it up...nope. Don't know it at all. Interesting cast, including Joanna Pettet, James Stacy, Cleavon Little, Pamela Hensley, and Michael Callan. It is apparently about a photographer who starts to experience dreams in which he murders the models he photographs. Interesting poster though...NOT great, but interesting (for all of 5 seconds). Another lot purchase.


I remember seeing this back in the day. Julian Sands starred. I don't remember much about it, other than it was "okay." There was a sequel with Julian Sands---but the storyline was altered somehow and I didn't like it as much. It doesn't matter. No one remembers this movie (or its sequel) anyway... This is just a lot poster.


I've seen this poster now and again---never got it. Never saw the movie. But seeing that it is based on the works of Jules Verne--and has an A list cast--I've been curious about it. But, unlike JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH or 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA where you have fantasy and science fiction and a general use of the imagination, when I read about this one, it sounds like a dull love triangle drama, set in a lighthouse at the southern tip of South America. SNORE! The novel it was based on was published posthumously based on a rough first draft. Whatever excitement Verne may have been planning for the story may not have made it in to the book--or movie. The poster is colorful and fascinating. It makes the film at least LOOK exciting. From what I read, the film was a FLOP. (Which is probably why this poster was a lot poster...)

That's it. TOTAL GARBAGE. Some of these posters are so bad, I'd love to social distance from them---forever more. (And don't forget, there is a whole slew of stinkers you did NOT see...)

Thank you for visiting, though. It is always a pleasure having you.

Now, without further ado, let's end this puppy. Maybe we can just pretend this post was all a bad dream...

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Oh my... You came back. Uh....  Well... NEXT time, I promise to have some new posters worthy of a visit. This time, by special request, I'm...continuing with the crap "lot" posters I got recently. I know...I know... I promised we were done with them. I had NO INTENTION of posting more. However...

In addition to my blog, I place my new poster postings in a variety of places. One of those places is the Classic Horror Film Board ( . The forum has a movie poster page (of course) ( ). It was there that I had this request:

"MAGG, don't worry about posting what you think are garbage posters.  One man's trash is another's treasure.  Post away and let us be the judges."

Sooooooo.... Here are 10 more lot posters--some of the worst (in my opinion) of the batch (and I still had PLENTY to choose from). Take a look or run screaming now. The choice is yours.

You are still here. Why? Did someone dare you? There's NO REASON to stick around. However, if you want to me to say "I told you so" when we get done, feel free to watch this mondo beyond dull edition of the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show unfold. On your marks, get set, SNOOOZE....


Zzzzz. Oh my stars. Just looking at this poster and knowing I have nine more stinkers to get through leaves me feeling like I can't possibly get through this. Ugh...It is taking all of my strength to even contemplate this turd o' a poster. Yellow? Really? Yellow (and orange and pink) has always just seemed like such an awful color for a poster. The FRIDAY THE 13TH knock off DON'T GO IN THE WOODS has a decent image...but it is stuck on a yellow background which nearly ruins it. Blah! I've heard of Romy Schneider but I don't think I've ever seen her in anything. This is soooo NOT a Monster A GoGo-type poster.  A hard PASS on LA PASSANTE.


Is this a "review style" or is this the only one sheet this flick had? I've never seen/heard of the movie. It may be a fine film, but for it's sake, I'm hoping this is just the "review style" and it had a nicer poster...because this one is flat out B-O-R-I-N-G!


Another flick I've never heard of...but just look at that utterly forgettable artwork. It's instantly forgettable. Despite the rave reviews, no matter how much the verbiage might pique my interest, I'd have forgotten the title and everything about this film as soon as I walked away from the poster.


I get the innuendo...but lame poster. This would proudly be displayed NO WHERE. And, hello? It's orange. Drew Struzan should just quit now. How can his work compare with these, uh...doodles? You may "laugh your stern off", but this movie came right out of the poop deck...and needs to be flushed away ASAP. What crap!


Richard Johnson and Franco Nero are in this flick (whatever it is)--that is a plus. However, even though this poster boasts that the film is "one of the most bizarre episodes in the annals of military justice", this poster is a fine example of one of the most blah-zarre posters in the annals of movies. Lame.


Good lord. Even the poster art guy is bored out of his mind and has fallen asleep.


I actually saw this film when it came out---but not because of this weak poster. Jack Lemmon seems almost embarrassed to be seen on it. He's hunching his shoulders and trying to bury his face. I'm surprised some of those raised hands below him (applauding?) are raising the finger. UGH.


I know what you are thinking... How could I dislike a poster with Jacqueline Bisset in the shower? It's not like you can see anything. (And, look at it closely. It took me a moment or two to figure out what that man part was. An arm? How is it twisting behind him??? No...that's his bowed back. Duh!) And what else is wrong with it? It's yellow. Blah! Although it looks like it might be a bit on the sexy side (Hubba Hubba), it's produced by Garry Marshall and directed by Jerry Paris...which sounds like it should be a comedy. Whatever. I'm sure Joseph Cotton was thankful for the work.


Yes, she is attractive. Yes, it apparently is Scandinavian (Look at the cast list...full of names like Ulla, Bjorn, and Sjostorm). Although there is no rating shown, it may be trying to compete with I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW)...but as a poster this is more I HAVE DIARRHEA (PEPTO BISMOL PINK).


This is the best movie in the whole history of movies in the whole wide world...but you'd never know it based on this ultra-bad, instant coma-inducing poster. UGH! How could a studio go with this concept? Yes--ooooo---we see the o' so clever (yawn) silhouette of said shadow...but UGLY!!!! Who wants this crap hanging in their house...or theater? This must have been a big hit. NOT! (And I was kidding about it being the best movie ever. I'd never heard of it. Who had? NO ONE.) I hope the artist didn't give up his day job after getting the commission for this...

We are now done and...


I wasn't kidding. Bad-Bad-BAD!!!

I have enough lot posters left for 4 or 5 or 6...maybe even 7 more posts. Any takers? I didn't think so.

But, really...stay tuned. I am working on a new post of better posters (NOT from lots). It will probably take me a while to compile it, but it will happen eventually.

Thanks for visiting.

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For me the "Watch Your Stern" is the best of your latest bunch GoGo, not because the poster is anything much, but as a big "Carry On" fan I can appreciate seeing all the Carry On team from the production team to a few of the Carry On series regulars like Connor, Sims & Jacques all listed on the poster, I have heard of this film title before but have never actually seen the film and don't remember it ever being shown on TV, certainly not recently.

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Catching up on the last few updates - it's always a pleasure!  bed1

I remember watching Warlock as an impressionable lad and enjoying it - I can't remember much about it apart from Julian Sands, he always had something about him I thought. The design for Zapped made me LOL, I have never seen that before...perfectly 80s. Torso looks genuinely scary from that poster.

I need to rewatch Critters. I genuinely like it a lot, but perhaps that's just nostalgia and it has aged really badly. I recently bought a Japanese poster for it and have been hunting the quad at a good price for a while now.

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Surprise! I am back---with a new selection of posters...and they are NOT (gasp!) from a "lot" purchase this time. Ha! I threw together this post quickly based on one poster (you'll figure out which one as you go down). I needed to redeem myself after the travesty that was my last few posts.

There is nothing overly fabulous, but I hope you'll see something you like along the way.

Test1:  Hello and thank you for saying hello. I noticed the tie in to the CARRY ON films. However, since it was NOT an actually CARRY ON film, I thought it might be a bastard stepchild the series wanted to disown or something... Hopefully I am wrong and the film is good. I just don't dig the poster...

Tob:  Thank you for your visit. It is nice to have had you come by. Yes, I always liked Julian Sands (Is he still working? Have not really seen him--or noticed him, anyway--in ages). Congrats on your Japanese CRITTERS poster. How is it? I'm sure it is fun.

Now, let's take a look at the posters. Shall we?


When this movie came out in the mid-70s, I thought it might be a horror movie. THE DAY OF THE LOCUST, to me, sounded like one. I mean, there was THE DEADLY MANTIS, TARANTULA and BLACK SCORPION, why couldn't DAY OF THE LOCUST be about a giant locust? It isn't.

I love the faux 1930's style of this David Edward Byrd poster (even though it was done in the 1970s).  It's not really my thing, though---but I have a story behind this poster and what it means to me. (And be warned--it's quite long and gruesome... You may want to skip down to the next poster...)

I have been collecting posters since I was 11. When I was about 13 or 14 years old, my family had moved across town. Some older friends I had met in Junior High were coming across town via bus to see a friend of theirs they had met in some film club they belonged to. Apparently this friend was a neighbor of mine.

My friend Richard was two years older than I was. He was in 10th grade. I was in 8th. He came to my house and we walked the few blocks to this friend's house. I recognized the house, having seen it several times in passing when we took the short cut/back way home. The house was unmistakable. There were paving blocks cemented in all over the front yard. There was no grass or plants of any kind. It was odd.

The friend's name was Max. He was an older fellow, kind of sloppy looking, and heavyset. He had this wimpy, nasally voice and what appeared to be a bad wig. He did have a nice three-bedroom home, though. In the entry hall, there was a framed copy of this poster hanging on the wall. Of course, I noticed it.

I don't recall much of that afternoon. I think another friend joined us at Max's place, but I'm not sure. I know we talked about movies/film--I just don't recall the specifics. I do recall seeing Max's backyard. It was completely covered over in black plastic. There was no yard back there either. I also think (but may be imagining this based on news reports later) that he had started (or was at least talking about) sound-proofing his living room. I remember being under the impression it was for possible film production in the future, but it is all hazy and I am not quite sure about that. I do recall that he gave me several books and magazines on film to borrow.

I remember I needed to get them back to him and was hesitant to do so. There was something creepy about Max. I didn't relish the idea of seeing him again, possibly going inside of his home again, alone. Eventually I just walked the magazines back down there and left them on his porch.

Jump to several years later. When I was in college, I had to take a political science class. This would have been late in 1983 or early in 1984. I was surprised to learn that my instructor, M. Franc, was Max. He was older, heavier, and his bad wig looked like it hadn't been washed since I'd met him years earlier--but it was him.

During the course of the semester, I asked him if he remembered who I was. He did, of course. His class was hard and I had to seek him out in his office several times for various projects. I distinctly remember one time he told me about a call he'd gotten from John Vulich, the make-up artist who was just starting out apprenticing with Tom Savini on FRIDAY THE 13TH-THE FINAL CHAPTER. (I'd met Vulich years before at his parents' house in north Fresno. He had been friends with my friend Richard and had apparently also been a part of the film club that they had all belonged to while I was in middle school.) Max would share phoned reports he would get from the set, "Oh, they just killed Peter Barton the other day." Things like that.

But I still found him creepy and kept my distance as much as possible.

I got through his class--barely. It was tough class. Once I was out of his class though, I didn't talk to him. I didn't seek him out again for any reason. "Knowing" him may have helped my grade, but I'm not sure.

Jump to a few years later. In August of 1987, I was still a student at the university. Just before school was to resume, word broke that Max Franc had been arrested for murder.

Tracy Leroy Nute had been a troublesome teen in Kansas, spending his later teen years in a juvenile home of some sort. In February of 1987, he was 18. He fled Kansas, running to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star. He was reduced to becoming a male prostitute and, a few months later, he was dead.

The story is gruesome. Max had apparently picked up Nute outside of Oki Dog, a divey but famous little hot dog joint in West Hollywood. Although Max said that a friend of his, Terry Adams, had been the one who had actually killed Nute, the prosecution said Max had done it. Nute was shot once in the head. His body was then cut up with a rented chainsaw. The body parts were then disposed of up and down Interstate 5 and Highway 99 (the way back to Fresno). The gun was later found in Max's desk at Fresno State.

The chainsaw was rented. When it was returned, there was still blood all over it with bits of flesh still in the chain blades. When asked about it, Max said he had run over a dog and cut it up to bury it. Even more telling was that the body parts that were strewn about on his way home were wrapped in The Daily Collegian, the student newspaper from Fresno State.

Whether Terry Adams was a real person or not (the rental chainsaw place remembered a young blonde man, as Adams was described as being, returning it), Max was convicted. He later died in prison.

When his house was being prepared to sell, there was a huge dumpster parked in his driveway. The newspapers had made a big deal out of the soundproofing of his living room, making it sound like it may have been a sex/torture dungeon-type of thing. I doubt that--but it sold newspapers and got TV ratings. I did consider doing a late-night dumpster dive to see if I could find the framed DAY OF THE LOCUST poster and wondered what other strange things might be in there...but I refrained from doing so.

I was not involved in the incident in any way, shape, or form. It just still creeps me out all of these years later. I knew Max however briefly. I was in his house. I had a few private discussions with him. I am still glad I just left those borrowed items on his porch and didn't go into his house again.

But still, it haunts me. THE DAY OF THE LOCUST is about the dream of Hollywood and the heartbreak of many who do not make it...just like Tracy Leroy Nute's dreams. I already had a copy of this, but bid on this copy anyway. I bid a whole $4...and won it for $3.


KILLER WORKOUT is a so-bad-it's-good 80's flick. Who knew it had a theatrical release (albeit in Lebanon!)? Ha! Crap poster image, but for such a camp classic, how could I refuse? The film was written/directed by David A Prior, whose first film was shot on a VHS camcorder and called SLEDGEHAMMER. That got a VHS release and did well...and from there his career (although still low budget) took off. KILLER WORKOUT was his third film. He's written/directed more than 30 since.


I may already have a copy of this poster, but I am not sure. I have a censored poster for this under it's better known alternative title, SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. I'd love to have an uncensored copy of that one sheet (that poster included mention of a great gimmick. Patrons were given a free Scream Bloody Murder blindfold--in case the film was too much for them). I recently saw the movie on one of those awful Mill Creek multi-movie box sets. For its age and budget (about $1.95), it was okay--better than it had any right to be, actually. Still sleazy trash--but interesting. When this popped up, I went for it. i believe this is the original release title and poster.

THE OMEN (2006 remake advance):

Speaking of crap...that's what this remake is---CRAP! However, this advance poster's image is awesome. It's much better than the final one sheet that was used. Stick with the superior original movie though. How very fortunate that the movie got to be released on June 6, 2006 (6/6/06). I think the original came out June 6, 1976...6/6/76,,,,not quite the same effect.


Star Johnny Sheffield started off playing "Boy" in the Johnny Weissmuller TARZAN flicks. However, when puberty set in and he was too old for the part, Boy was sent off to school (aka written out) and Sheffield was unemployed...until some brilliant producer took him (to cash in on his TARZAN fame) and starred him as Bomba, the Jungle Boy (a teen TARZAN take-off) in a series of films. Between 1949 and 1955, there were 12 Bomba movies made. I've been trying to track the posters down. They seem to be almost as hard to find as the Jungle Jim movie posters (the film series of 16 movies that Johnny Weissmuller did when he got too old to play Tarzan himself). When I bid on this one, I didn't realize that this was one of the two I already had already. Drat! (The other is THE LOST VOLCANO) Woody Strode is another TARZAN refugee, having appeared in two of the films. While it would be nice to have had a different title, I am happy with this nice copy of the poster.


I dread three sheets---they are just too big and come in two pieces. However, this was cheap enough, in good shape and features both the Stooges and could I say no? I do think it is kind of funny that a man named Samson Burke plays Hercules (Samson/Hercules---Ha! Never mind...). Burke also played Ursus and Maciste, the muscular heroes in other Italian peplum films of the era. Vicki Trickett, a former Miss Omaha (1959), was discovered at a horse show by Tab Hunter. She only appeared in a handful of flicks, including GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN and the mostly forgotten THE CABINET OF CALIGARI (a remake of the silent German Expressionist film,THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI).

FRANKENSTEIN (2006 French re-release):

I already have one of these, but love this poster so much, I had to go for this second copy. Now, to find one for BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.... and a larger copy (I have the small size) for THE INVISIBLE MAN.


When I came across this interesting poster for an unknown (to me) "horror"movie--I couldn't say no. This comes from Spain from 1972...and there is not much information out there about it...other than it is a horror comedy. I think you could figure that out from the doofy expression on the guy's face.


Hooray! Another Bomba poster! This is for the 12th--and final--film of the series. I am super thrilled. Now only 9 more posters in the series to track down. Ha!

THE WIZARD OF OZ (French re-release):

Oooo... I have wanted this re-release OZ poster since I first laid eyes on it. Utilizing the artwork for the original (??) Belgian release on this French re-release was a stroke of genius. The poster is fantastic. It pops in a rainbow of color! I never realized (well, never really paid attention to it) the billing. Judy Garland is understandably first. Frank Morgan second (?)(He does play several characters though...), Ray Bolger third, but Bert Lahr before Jack Haley? Interesting. I had noticed that Charley Grapewyn (Uncle Henry) got credit and Clara Blandick (Aunt Em--who has more lines and screen time) isn't credited. Re-release or not, I am just thrilled with this poster. Yahoo.


HOORAY!!!!!! I had been wanting one of these for ages. If you'll recall, I scored one a while back, but when it arrived, I found that it had somehow lost some paper and there was a hole in it. Drat it all. Then this one turned up in Very good to fine condition. I was NOT going to let it slip through my fingers again. And voila! It was mine. Whoo hoo. Having lived for a couple of years in San Francisco, this old movie speaks to me...even though there is NO WAY a house this large with such extensive grounds could ever exist on Telegraph Hill. Ha! Wonderful old school graphics. Yahoo!

And that is it! Was this post better than the previous ones? Have I been redeemed? Thank you for visiting. Really, really, really... I am taking a break from poster buying. (I saw the HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL poster and decided I MUST have it---even if it was two weeks away on eMovie--and bought the other posters to go with it---so I could put up a post! That's also why there is 11 posters shown instead of the usual 10.) I am still working on various projects and will post an update soon-ish.

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Golly gee, Monster, I'm creeped out more from your Day of the Locust Max story than any movie I've seen!  Sounds like you have a real life influence for a scary screenplay.  Did you ever see his parents?  Black plastic back yard?!  Day of the Locust in the entry way?! Bloody rented chain saw return?!  The truth is stranger than... 
P.S. Congrats on House On Telegraph Hill.
P.P.S. I really like that image of Frankie's Monster, too. 

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