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Spiderman World Trade Center DS


Anybody have an extra DS copy in excellent shape for $75ish?  Of course it has to pass all MPA tests (back 30% lighter than front, taxicab visible, etc.)

You might have a bit of a hard time finding one in that price range from someone who knows enough to tell if they are legit or not.

Of course they do pop up in places like eBay, you just need to keep a close eye out.


We have the (approx) 4' x 6'(or is it 8'?) banner somewhere.
And it's two sided.
Classic art.

Thanks guys, I think I've got a deal for $75 from a board member.  (You know who you are!)

I feel religiously obligated to display my posters and I have limited space for massive "wall hogs" like banners.

Congrats.....glad you found one!


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