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For about the 20th time over the past 24 years, I just received an e-mail that begins as follows (sometimes it is a phone call, sometimes a letter, but the gist of it is always the same sad story):

"We had a flood in our basement, and quite a number of posters destined for you were destroyed..."
If you have a collection that you look at all the time and thoroughly enjoy, then PLEASE be certain they are well protected (away from heat, humidity, and vermin, both the four-legged and two-legged kind), and go on enjoying it!
BUT if you have a collection you put together many years ago, and it just sits in a basement or closet or storage unit, and you have been thinking about selling it, but just haven't "gotten around to it", then maybe you should start thinking harder!
Remember that right now you have a way to sell your ENTIRE collection (the good, the bad, and the in-between) and you can do it through the auction house that charges the least of any major auction house, and which auctions far more than all the other movie poster auctions put together!
Plus, you can call the owner (me!) directly and discuss the possible auctioning of some or all your collection at any time, something you can't do at any other major auction!

Call me (Bruce Hershenson) during regular business hours at 417 256 9616, and join the other 1,460+ movie paper consignors who consign the 110,000+ items we auction each year!

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Liking the new banner, Bruce.

I've heard of a few horror stories like the one you described above.
I wonder how many important pieces have been lost this way!?
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