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Ok, he is one of of my favorite poster artists ,and the only one I am currently collecting.  Unlike some, Struzan for example, he has 2 dozen posters at most.  This thread is intended to serve as a master list of posters containing Boris art, and eventually house photos of all of those posters.  Maybe if this one works out well, others can do the same for other artists.  It would certainly prove a valuable resource to collectors.

US Theatrical One Sheets

Amazons 1sh

Aqua Teen Hunger Force 1sh

Barbarella R77 1sh

Barbarian Queen 1sh

Deathstalker 1sh

Deathstalker II 1sh

Knightriders 1sh

Mistress of the Apes 1sh

National Lampoon's European Vacation 1sh

National Lampoon's Vacation 1sh

Pasadise Alley Spanish 1sh

The Phoenix 1sh

Q The Winged Serpent 1sh

Sweet Revenge 1sh

Warrior Queen 1sh

War of the Wizards (aka The Phoenix) 1sh

White Buffalo 1sh

International Posters

Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back Pakistani 1sh

Razorback Belgian

Conan: The Destroyer Turkish One sheet

Video Posters

Barbarian Queen (same art as theatrical, worse print quality)

Deathstalker II 1sh

Deathstalker III 1sh

Dinosaur Island

Mistress of the Apes (same art as theatrical, bad print quality with snipes)

Naked Warriors (aka Arena)

Ultra Warrior 1sh


Empire Strikes Back Coca Cola Promotional Posters (4 versions)

As a longtime Boris fan, I am always scouring the net for images of this man's work.  And, as Schan and Bruce both pointed out, he has many imitators.  Here is a Turkish Conan the Destroyer one sheet I recently purchased only because the clever Turks had photoshopped a Boris image into the lower right (not to mention the fact that they had also added a Grace Slick Bond image to the lower left).
The image is Red Sonja, painted for a series of Boris pieces on the red-haired heroine of the Hyborian Age. The art they swiped has nothing to do with the movie but I guess they thought it looked cooler than the photo montage on the American 1 sheet.
And, as proof of how imitated Boris' work is, I have also included a B&W chili ad that I just found where a very talented artist (who didn't need to to do this) swiped the same image for this Chili Takedown ad.


Hi, Folks!

Two British quads incorporating similar artwork ...

... apologies for the next image - we don't have the poster, so can't re-photograph it ...

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the moderators, may I point out that one of our two NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION quads is currently on at an opening bid of 35 US dollars

Best wishes,

Terry -

Thanks Terry, I wasnt intentionally leaving out British or any other nationalities for that matter.  I simply chose to include only those international posters with unique artwork.  It is worth pointing out, though, that many of these are available with the same art in various international formats, most notably UK quads and Australian one sheets and daybills.

Speaking of Quads -- and I absolutely love the format --
here is a cool variation of Boris' Q. 
I don't own it -- yet...


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