Author Topic: WANTED!! JAWS 40x60 & BTTF 2 'Roads'  (Read 16307 times)

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Re: WANTED!! JAWS 40x60 & BTTF 2 'Roads'
« Reply #25 on: February 12, 2010, 08:52:11 AM »
I'm not sure whether he should thank you, or not.  Because at the end of the day, it's not a coincidence that you posted the link to the sale on the forum, and now it's gone.


Good point, I guess that was a bit stupid of me, although I did email him first. Having said that, it was posted in MPF also. I'm really sorry he didn't get it though so apologies to Jon for posting it here.

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Re: WANTED!! JAWS 40x60 & BTTF 2 'Roads'
« Reply #26 on: February 12, 2010, 10:33:25 AM »
No need to worry Sky. I did not buy it from your link or any link on any forum, and yes it was posted on MPF as well by Colin. I've bought from Colin several times before in the past and anyone who is signed up with him gets a news letter that he puts out a few days before he makes everything public. So anyone who gets the news letter gets an advantage to everyone who doesn't. I saw the poster a few days ago in that link in my email and almost bought it immediately, but then I hesitated due to the size. I could not remember the correct size on that poster so I was going to wait until I got to talk to T to make sure Colin didn't have a fake of this poster as I remembered a year or more ago T told me there were some out there. Then later that night I had it in my cart and was going to buy it as I was on the internet looking around for the actual dimensions of the poster. Come early morning I'm a few hours ahead of T due to time zone and I'm waiting to call him as I don't want to wake him or his wife too early and the fact that I'm sure he's seen my missed call alreaady. So I'm sitting with the poster in my cart contemplating on getting and then I decide well if it was a fake, Colin is a good guy and would refund my money so I decide to just buy it and worry about figuring out if it was a fake or not later when I got it in hand.

Later that day I logged onto MPF and noticed that Colin posted his news letter on MPF, which like I said he usually does some time after the news letter has gone out to his subscribed members. Anyone who gets this news letter can confirm this. That poster was in the news letter that was posted on MPF which I knew I had already bought. I figured it was just generic news letter that Colin copied and pasted onto MPF and that is why it still had the BTTF poster link in it. So I went back to make sure my purchase went through and to make sure he didn't have another one for sale, which would have really made think it was a fake if he had more than one. Because at this time I still wasn't 100% sure. When I saw the letter on MPF I was glad I had already bought it through my email. Later on yesterday I logged onto this forum and saw all the frenzy that was going on. I never posted that I had the poster because several people were still trying to get it from Colin even though it had already sold to me. We went through a series of emails all day and night long yesterday with the people who missed out trying to work out a deal.

This is a poster thats been on my want list for a long time and you just don't see it very often as many people know. There are only a few people who have seen my want list as I have it password protected, but the few who have seen it knows that particular poster has been on it ever since I put my want list together; as I'm sure it's on a lot of collectors want lists. T is the only person that knows why I wanted that poster so bad and the plans I have in the future to own a DeLorean and build my own Time Machine replica. I know it sounds GAY, but ever since I was a kid the only cars I ever wanted were a Lamborghini (what little kid doesn't), a DeLorean Time Machine, and a Toyota Supra. I have one of the three, so I figure a 1981 DeLorean would logically be next. There's a place in Houston Texas that bought all the parts left over from when the original DeLorean plant was closed down in Ireland and you can basically buy yourself a NEW OLD DeLorean car, which is my plan some day. NEW meaning brand new today but made from OLD stock parts from the early 80's that were never used. Until then I'm going to frame my poster above my 1:15 scale Model reminding me to keep the dream alive. I hope this clears up some confusion and I hope there's no hard feelings toward Skyjackers.

The last picture on this link shows you what I'm talking about.
Model Time Machine

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Re: WANTED!! JAWS 40x60 & BTTF 2 'Roads'
« Reply #27 on: February 14, 2010, 04:13:35 PM »
I've clipped off everything after this point and put it down into the Let it All Out section where I think it really belongs. 

Anyone who doesn't like it, well this is for you:   puke
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