Author Topic: 1,039 bulk lots containing 26,217 items, one of our best ever!  (Read 240 times)

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In's current Sunday auction of bulk lots at, we have one of our best ever, 1,039 bulk lots containing 26,217 items in all! And they contain a HUGE amount of one-sheets, lobby cards, stills, and much much more!

This really is a great opportunity to buy lots of items at below wholesale prices, like walking into a store and having the owner tell you that EVERYTHING is 90% off for one day only!

I strongly urge everyone reading this to look all of these bulk lots over, because, even if you have never yet bought "regular" movie posters (or vintage lobby cards, stills, non-U.S. movie posters from many countries, etc) because this would be a great time to start!

You will likely find the incredibly low current high bid prices hard to believe! But there is no "catch". These come to us from long time dealers and collectors who have already had us auction their best material, and now they are fine with their remaining items selling in these bulk lots, no matter how low the final selling prices!

These definitely contain something for virtually  every collector, and dealers will love the UNDER wholesale prices on most of the lots! If YOU have ever wondered where dealers replenish their inventory, part of the answer is in these bulk lot auctions!

The reason we have been holding bulk lots every two months (lots of them, with tens of thousands of items in each) is because we had literally millions of low-value items that people brought us here in trucks (and we are not exaggerating!) and we used these bi-monthly bulk lot auctions to get them sold.

In the past 10 years, we have held around 91 of these bulk lot auctions, and IN ALL THEY HAVE CONTAINED OVER 64,000 BULK LOTS, WHICH THEMSELVES CONTAINED 1,720,000+ ITEMS OF EVERY KIND! We are finally making a gigantic dent in what we have here.

We anticipate completely ending regular bulk lots auctions by the end of 2024. We mostly completely limit them solely to the items we already have here, so UNLESS WE OK SENDING BULK LOT ITEMS (which we will only do in very specific circumstances), DON'T SEND ANY CONSIGNMENTS FOR BULK LOTS.

We want to convert to solely auctioning $30+ items, and the only way to make that happen is for people to stop sending low-value items altogether. WHILE WE IMAGINE WE WILL ALWAYS HOLD SOME BULK LOT AUCTIONS, WE WOULD LIKE TO DO IT ONLY A COUPLE OF TIMES A YEAR DOWN THE LINE.

But until we end holding them, YOU can take advantage of these incredible deals! Whether you would be buying these to add to your collection at joke low prices, or whether you would be buying to re-sell online, or through a store or at collectible shows, you will likely never get a chance to get greater bargains!

If you ARE planning on re-selling them, know that upon request, we will provide the buyer of any lot (but only the buyer!) with unwatermarked large images of every item you purchased, which means you can save a ton of time and get the items quickly listed on Facebook, eBay, or to your site!

With a few exceptions (for clearly stated reasons) we always picture EVERY single item in every bulk lot, so you always know exactly what you will be receiving, and just how great a deal each bulk lot is at the price you pay!

Remember that it takes quite a while to look at 26,217 items in 1,039 lots, so if you can, start looking over these right now at You will thank me later for this "heads up"!
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