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LAST CHANCE! If you are fairly new to the vintage poster hobby, you may be very surprised to learn that the price levels of vintage movie paper (and related items) is FAR lower than that of ANY other collectible these days!

One quick look at the current bid prices on the 1,220 auctions of rolled posters of EVERY kind closing in hours at proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

And in a time when so many items (from gasoline to real estate to stocks to fine art to every other kind of collectibles) are geometrically soaring in prices, LOTS of these items (including many great ones) are at prices similar to what they were 30 years ago (and I am not exaggerating one bit)!

Maybe you just want to get an inexpensive, yet somewhat unique gift for a friend or relative who could use some cheering up. These posters include "something for everyone", and you might just consider getting YOURSELF a present after the last few years we have all gone through!

Please closely look over these 1,220 rolled posters (one-sheets, non-U.S., special posters), because currently, with 11 hours left (as of this writing) until these start to close, there are 227 of these at just FIVE DOLLARS each or under, a whopping 451 at just TEN DOLLARS each or under, and an even "whoppier" 751 at just TWENTY DOLLARS each or under!

And in today's world, what does ten dollars or twenty dollars get you? Not much (maybe a quarter of a tank of gas)! But it CAN get you lots of really fun and cool vintage movie posters (and maybe two or three or four, all for just $10 for all)!

And remember: WE are the only major auction with NONE of those awful "buyers premiums" (and one auction's minimum buyers premium is a truly OBSCENE $29, meaning they will never sell any item for under $30 AND that their poor consignors RECEIVE pennies from a $30 sale).

It is not just these lowest priced ones that represent exceptional values, as there are items at every price level that are far under where the same (or similar) items have sold for before!

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE AUCTIONS ARE NOT SOLELY FOR "MOVIE POSTERS"! They include a large number of "non-movie" posters as well, including excellent (and really rare travel and war posters)!

I could go on and on describing all the great posters closing in HOURS, but I would so much rather you just go to and check them out for yourself. But please start soon, because it takes quite a while to look over so many varied posters!
We ( hold 4,000 to 5,000 auctions every four weeks.
We have auctioned more movie paper for more money (in real sales) than any auction in the world.
We have the longest continuously running auctions of any auction, with over 1,788,513 to date from over 2,86 consignors.
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