Author Topic: Sergio Leone MONDO posters available - GBU Triptych/GBU/Fistful of Dollarydoos  (Read 706 times)

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Still digging through the piles, but I've found two different styles for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and one for Fistful of Dollars. Thought I had at least one for For a Few Dollars More but haven't rolled up on it yet.

First, the main GBU is the triptych, each featuring one of the three main characters. Each measure 11"x36", and is signed by the artist Billy Perkins. This is #260/270. Each poster is in excellent condition (VG to Fine). Bruce recently sold this one for $1505. Starting the asking price at $1200, shipping/tracking/insurance included.

Second is the other GBU style I have. Measuring 24"x36", it has been signed/numbered by Jeff Kleinsmith #183/325. Also Fine condition. Bruce sold two of these in the last few months: one at $290 and the other for $304. Asking $200.

Finally the Fistful of Dollars: Fine, 24"x36", signed/numbered #175/310. Sold by Bruce for $202 a couple weeks ago. Asking $150.

I also have hi-res copies of all images. If you'd like me to send, just IM me.

Feel free to ping me with any questions you might have. Stay Safe!