Author Topic: the pricing of vintage movie posters is MANY levels lower than other hobbies!!!!  (Read 77 times)

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You know how in comic books or baseball cards or coins an item is "rare" if only a few thousand are known? In vintage movie posters, in the case of MOST pre-1940 posters only a dozen at most of each are known to have survived in any condition, and on many, there are fewer than five known, and on quite a few, you can buy what may well be the ONLY known example!

And yet the pricing of vintage movie posters is MANY levels lower than comic books or baseball cards or coins! How long can that last?  And if YOU want to buy wonderful movie posters from a 100% honest auction house, go to on July 17th when our great August Major Auction begins!

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Finally something I can read.


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I guess he put it in large print to appeal to the older crowd?
Almost thought I was reading an ad for an upcoming auction of poster treasures from the silent screen when he was talking about how rare pre-1940 posters are.
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