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Had skepticism as to the authenticity of a seller's wares on ebay, and purchased an insert to see for myself.  Let me share my findings and ask for your help:

I have had a theory lately that there has been a new 'wave' of fakes, especially minty white inserts being dumped into circulation. My theory was that the list of commonly fakes posters/inserts was increasing in number by sellers producing repros that were not near as popular as ones commonly faked. In other words, who would question the validity/originality of a Poltergeist insert? These sub-$100 posters are being scanned and printed in droves by ebay seller matt33collectibles on ebay.

I tested my theory and purchased this exact poster:

The second I opened the tube, the smell of a freshly printed paper hit my nose, and the paper was very glossy. I didn't even need to open it to know I was was fake, but apparently these sellers have moved on from Star Wars, Blade Runner, etc to stuff that as I said, is easier to scam under the raider via a lower price point. But if you keep selling $60 Poltergeist inserts over and over, you clear more than a random SW insert once a year, which is clearly the new angle.

When I compared it unrolled and next to several other inserts from that early 80s era (ET, Raiders, First Blood, etc etc) the scan and print method is so easy to see, it baffles me he can still sell these things. The paper is thinner, very glossy, heavily pixilated, and undersized by an inch on both sides.

I contacted the seller, and he said to send it back and that he would 'take a look at it'. I asked where he got it, and also that a quick browse through his stuff showed that he has countless other lesser titles all faked. I didn't want to assume he even knew, but when he stopped responding to messages and relisted this auction months later...its easy to connect the dots.

I know most of us collect bigger stuff than what he has, but if you take a second to look over his inventory, its literally a slew of nice starter material for a new collector to be cheated by.
Please take a second to report him and posters he has as you see fit...I think we owe it to the livelihood of the hobby and its future to report aholes like this...I know I would have been devastated when I got started with very limited poster funds to be taken like this.

Thanks all, hope you are in the midst of a great Holiday season and are staying healthy.
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Pretty sure I looked at some items from this guy and ended up not buying them because of the tell tale listing issues like the one you posted.
It's generally a dead give away when you go on ebay and the persons store has a bunch of "last one!" icons in their store or many items of multiple quantity. Also, if things are listed as "new" and "original". It can't be both. This is just someone trying to scam people or at least be at least a little deceptive.
I would assume that if you bought something from this guy you'd get the normal deal and all of these types: "I'll happily accept your return. Just send the item back for a full refund." Because they make 5,000% on the item and the occasional return isn't worth the bad feedback.

Suffice it to say, I think it's pretty impossible to 'black ball' all the bad sellers on ebay. Even the ones that have been previously posted as being of ill repute clearly sell SOME real items. In the end, as with everything, I think it's unfortunately just 'buyer beware'.

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Check this seller -

See the comments for the past month, examples:-

"I have sent two messages to this seller about the poster I purchased. It is a copy of the original. It was listed as “new and original”. Buyer beware! if the seller believes selling a new copy of the original is acceptable than they need to be honest and upfront."

"DO NOT BUY! Fraudulent listings. Claimed poster was a 1971 "original," but they clearly just print-to-order low quality JPEG images on cheap printer paper. Poster is pixelated garbage. Tried to clarify by double-checking with the seller before they shipped, but did not respond. AVOID!"

A current 'original' listing is for an insert for the Bette Davis 1939 'Dark Victory' movie '

Whilst it is obvious that this is not an original, other cases might not be so obvious and these 'new original' listings are deceptive.

I have reported instances to Ebay of obvious reproductions being sold as originals and they do nothing.

Sadly I agree with the 'Buyer beware!' advice when using Ebay and other Auction houses that are not movie poster specialists.

For Ebay there is a 'Report item' that I frequently use:-

Report Category: Copyright and trademark
Reason for report: Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer
Detailed Reason: Counterfeit, fake, or replica items
Brief Description: One example of the many 'new original' movie posters now sold on Ebay that are clearly reproductions
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