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December 2021

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Got my package from Heritage today, so even though those posters were technically purchased last month, I'm including them in December.  I've been looking for a nice folded copy of The Devil Commands (1941) for a while (it tends to turn up every once in a while on linen, so I always passed on it), and I love Karloff's ominous face in the artwork. Same thing for The Uninvited (1944), which is an early example of the classic ghost story that has stood the test of time and is still very enjoyable (I also have the large French poster for that movie, with different artwork by the great Boris Grinsson).  I also got a title card for The Undying Monster (1942), a format that I typically don't collect since I prefer larger-sized paper, but I made an exception this time since I think it has superior graphics (I also have the insert for that same movie, which I recently posted here).
All 3 are fun, atmospheric flicks in my book. 

Love the TC sir!

Nice stuff Antoine,
and you are correct - the TC and Insert are the two pieces to have from Undying Monster.


Shared these last month when I won them. They just arrived fresh from Heritage!

Wow, they look incredible in person! Lucky guy :)

You'll have to share the final pics when they are framed and on the wall!


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