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I started (then called "Bruce Hershenson Vintage Movie Posters") 32 years ago because I was amazed at how poorly almost every auction house treated both their customers AND their consignors. I reasoned that an auction house that treated their customers and consignors the way I wanted to be treated when I was the customer or consignor would do really well.

Now, 1,793,389 auctions later (with $101,000,000+ in sales) and more importantly with 62,391 happy past buyers and registered bidders AND 2,877 happy past consignors I am starting to think I was on to something!

AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Please read the testimonials from 11 VERY long time customers of ours (at and and also read testimonials from VERY long time CONSIGNORS (at and!

What makes auctions different from ALL other auctions ANYWHERE in the world? I am glad you asked! Here are the Top Ten ways you know you are bidding in an auction, and NOT in any other major auction!
1) LIFETIME GUARANTEES on everything we auction (the ONLY auction in the world that has them)!
2) NO buyers premiums
3) NO reserves and $1 start for all items
4) NO hidden bidder IDs
5) NO bidders who "magically" bid to just under your "secret" maximum and then quit bidding
6) NO enhanced images that hide defects
7) NO overgraded items (some say we "undergrade", but we say everyone else "overgrades"!)
😎 NO undisclosed restoration
9) NO nosebleed shipping (we only charge the actual cost)
10) NO inadequate packaging (ours are gorilla-proof)

We ( hold 4,000 to 5,000 auctions every four weeks.
We have auctioned more movie paper for more money (in real sales) than any auction in the world.
We have the longest continuously running auctions of any auction, with over 1,788,513 to date from over 2,86 consignors.
See all of our current auctions in one gallery here: