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September 2021

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I am so, so very excited to share this one! This poster is like a dream come true for me. I searched and searched ever since I began my poster collecting journey. I could find ZERO evidence of this poster ever existing. I asked with many different sellers, checked different auction sites. Nothing. The only clue I had that a poster might exist was a picture* on IMDB that *looked* like it might be a one sheet, but I couldn't be sure because it was very low quality. I checked eBay every day for so long, kept tabs on auction sites. I was almost ready to give up hope and buy the only (cheap looking) 11x17 reproduction print I could find....and then it happened! I FINALLY managed to get my hands on an original one sheet for 1983's "The Vals"!!! I am a huge fan of the film, which seems to have largely been forgotten to time. I have so much memorabilia from the film, the script, a marketing guide, press photos, several different tapes from the US and different countries...but this was one thing that kept eluding me until now. it is...the extremely rare one sheet for one of most underrated and forgotten films of all time!

I will never, ever give this one up for means so much to me, and to have it in person finally? It still feels so unreal. I can't wait to get it its own frame and put together a special spot for it along with all my other memorabilia from this film.
It's just crazy how this one sheet didn't seem to exist ANYWHERE until now. Not even any foreign posters for it are available, that I know of. This film just seemed to have so much bad luck surrounding it with the companies supporting it/releasing it going bankrupt the same year it was out. It makes me wonder just how limited the theatrical release for it was, since no other one sheets seem to have survived for this film anywhere.

*Here is the IMDB picture in question that gave me hope a one sheet might exist, but as you can see it looks nothing like the one I have. I have to wonder what the source for this picture is...

It's a lot of fun to finally get something you've been after for so long.  I haven't had this feeling in a very, very long time, but I remember it well.  Kudos to you!

I had never heard of this movie, so I searched it on wikipedia and it doesn't even have a page.  You should create one, if only to make sure it is not completely forgotten.


Congrats on your special poster pick up Heather.

Hold my hands up I'm the same as "T" and have never heard of this film, which is kind of a surprise as I see it's from the 80's, usually heard of most films from that period even if I've never seen them, do know some of the actors though.

As T already said it's always a nice feeling if you can find a poster that you've been after for a long time, I also have not had the feeling for quite some time as I've been going through a major dry spell over the last year or so, anyway nice find thumbsup.gif


Got these back from linenbacking. Havenít been buying much recently as prices gone crazy and not a fan of the eBay GSP program. So I decided to get some posters linebacked and ready for frames.

Those look great Mike!  Did you get them backed here in Canada?


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