Author Topic: Who Did You Think Would Become A Star Who Didn't?  (Read 786 times)

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Who Did You Think Would Become A Star Who Didn't?
« on: November 21, 2020, 02:58:58 AM »

I pride myself on having the knack at spotting those with true star quality, either in real life or on the screen. I haven't been able to use the gift in about twenty years as I've encountered no one in that time who fits the bill, particularly at the movies. However prior to this, I knew a star when I saw one but I've been mistaken twice. Once in the 1980's when as a child I saw an Australian TV movie called Winners: Quest Beyond Time and thought the young man who played the hang glider lead would become a movie star. The second time was in the late '90s when I saw Urban Legend at the cinemas and had a flash that Tara Reid would become a heavy-weight actress, award winning, major star etc.. I was shocked and dismayed how her life and career unfolded as I really believe she could have got there.

Who did you believe would become a star but never did?
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