Author Topic: 800 LC and 800 still sets closing in HOURS!  (Read 29 times)

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800 LC and 800 still sets closing in HOURS!
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:30:35 AM » has 800 complete and incomplete lobby card sets AND 800 lots of vintage 8" x 10" stills closing in HOURS at, and they represent a really great buying opportunity to get lobby cards or stills at (or below) wholesale prices!

As of this writing there are THREE HUNDRED FIFTEEN of these LC and still sets at just $1 to $5 per SET, not per CARD or STILL! Since over HALF of these are sets of 8 or more, this means a large number are well under just a DOLLAR per card or still (and on the lowest priced ones, pennies per card or still!).

And all the items (even the highest priced) are mostly at joke low prices (you may be able to buy a set for little more than what most dealers would charge for the best card or still in that set)! And of course, when we say an item is "$1", we really mean "$1" and NOT "$1, plus $19 buyers premium" found on another auction site. :(

At these crazy low prices you could buy a LOT of these for not much at all and have the start of a collection, or you could slap them on eBay or your website at $9.99 each or much more and make a bundle (we provide buyers with unwatermarked giant images of their purchases, upon request, so it's easy to do with almost no work).

Plus we only charge the actual cost of sending your purchases to you (plus $3 for packing materials). Using our unique "Pay and Hold" system lets you get all you want over an 12 week period, and then we combine into as few packages and tubes as possible, which saves you a fortune on shipping over buying from multiple sellers.

If you are a fan of older lobby cards or stills, know that around 900 of these sets are from the 1950s and earlier (including 500 from the 1940s and earlier), and many of these older cards and stills offer the absolute best values, even though many of these titles are extremely rare (quite a few we have never had before)!

Please check these out VERY soon, as it takes a while to look over 1,600 auctions and they close soon! Not yet registered to bid? Go to to sign up (we qualify our bidders, something few auctions do, which means you are bidding against real bidders who honor their bids).

And if YOU are not interested in these, but have friends who would be (because they collect items like these or would find just one of interest) then do us (and them!) a favor by helping spread the word to them before these close!
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