Author Topic: Bill Collins Auction - Go Get 'Em!  (Read 3578 times)

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Bill Collins Auction - Go Get 'Em!
« on: October 19, 2020, 05:48:39 AM »
Come one, come all!! We can't let the dealers get in on it! This is Mecca to 'em, mother's milk. I bought what I wanted from the 18th Oct Live Auction, now I can clean the slate, open the slather, let 'em all in, I say. Don't let those dealers snatch a piece ("piece man..." yeah?) they can resell off the back of Baby Bill!

Right, down to brass tactics. The auctioneer is Theodore Bruce in NSW, Australia:

Autographed photos on 25th Oct
Lobby Cards and Programs on 31st Oct
Movie Stills on 1st Nov
Movie Press and Publicity on 7th Nov
Movie Posters (US inserts) on 14th Nov
Movie Posters on 15th Nov
Head Shot Portraits on 20th Nov

Now snare a bargain or make sure the dealers don't! Lordieluchielachie!

Call me Tahmmie - everybody does...
Call me Tahmmie - everybody does...