Author Topic: Former eBay employees allegedly used cockroaches & much more to harass a couple  (Read 2992 times)

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UNBELIEVABLE! 21 years ago, when I moved my auction business entirely online, I met a couple, Ina and David Steiner, who had just started a site devoted to online auctions called

I found (and have continued to find over the years since) that their site was one of the only online sites to provide the "straight dope" about online selling. Naturally this included much negative information about eBay, as the auction site did all they could to keep raising fees on their sellers, while adding insane regulations to being a seller. I left Bay in 2007 after 330,000 auctions there, and ecommercebytes covered my departure honestly and fairly.

NOW, this has happened, and it is something NO ONE could possibly have expected from ANY company. The couple referred to in the article below (although they are unnamed) ARE Ina and David Steiner, and I guarantee reading this will turn your stomach. :(
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What the heck?!  How could anyone today think they wouldn't get found out?  So weird.  Okie

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Well, that's disgusting.  Hopefully eBay will do what needs to be done to ensure it never happens again.

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Pretty horrible, thanks for bringing this to light.
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That's horrifying! 
What's more, those charged were not merely employees, they were C-suite level personnel, presumably with salaries of hundreds of thousand of dollars.  They must've felt pretty threatened by whatever that couple had written in order to risk so much.  But then some people who are so high on the totem pole think they're above the law.  Outrageous!