Author Topic: Batman Begins international advance onesheet / Appleseed Japanese B1  (Read 658 times)

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Been looking for these two posters for years in order to get them back in my collection. I unfortunately had to sell it a number of years ago when I was struggling financially during a rough patch being out of work. Which sucked.

But now I'm back on the old two feet and trying to reacquire some of those cool posters back. Already got my Thierry hates "French Grande" set of 10 for Fellowship of the Ring, just got my Lucky Strikes Pulp Fiction back literally last week (for a cool $900 I might add), which now also pairs wonderfully with my original Japanese B2 Lucky Strikes Pulp Fiction (which I got for $12 four years ago), and my pair of Lost in Translation double-sided onesheets.

Getting another Batman Begins onesheet would help round out the trilogy again alongside my recently reacquired Dark Knight Joker Japanese B1 and DS IMAX onesheet for The Dark Knight Rises. BTW this is the one that's almost all black with a silhouette of Bruce brooding in his Bat Cave.

On a sidenote, I'm also still looking for a pristine condition DS B1 for Appleseed, one of my favorite all time mecha animes (which Iron Man 2 and Avengers 1 blatantly ripped off - if you've seen it you know EXACTLY which two scenes I'm talking about). I do actually already have two in my collection, but because of moronic shippers, both arrived damaged. And since they are double-sided, I can't get them mounted.

Any help would be appreciated and rewarded!


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Re: Batman Begins international advance onesheet / Appleseed Japanese B1
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You should always post pictures of posters you want, as some, myself included, have zero idea what posters you’re talking about.

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Re: Batman Begins international advance onesheet / Appleseed Japanese B1
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This is funny - many years ago, I added a tweak to the forum that anytime someone says F r e n c h  G r a n d e, it states Thierry hates "French Grande".  It's still pretty fucking funny lol. 
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