Author Topic: Job Lots of Quad Movie Posters (10 posters in each lot) starting at 25 per lot  (Read 29 times)

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Hi All,
This week I have 50 lots up for auction on eBay, each lot contains 10 Original Quad Movie Posters and each lot has a starting price of just 25 (including UK Postage!).

Each lot has 10 different posters and each lot is different to the next (so no duplicates), for ease and a way to mix-up genres/years I bundled the lots alphabetically, so If you are looking for a particular title beginning with S for example, you might find it in one of the seven lots listed that have S titled films.

Unfortunately I can not split the lots so please do not ask (you may find many of the titles listed individually for sale on my website )

Click the link below to view the auction

Auction ends Sunday 13th October 2019.
Happy Browsing