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January 2018


I got this a while ago but only just got around to photographing it, so I'm counting it as a new acquisition for the month :)

It's a WWII-era propaganda poster/calendar that was printed in Mexico, and in this particular case was used to advertise for an alcohol importing company based in Dallas.

It is also huge (one-sheet sized), bigger than most other Mexican calendars I've seen.

The image is titled "Invasion", and shows a British knight slaying a German knight (festooned with Nazi symbols) while an air battle rages overhead.

It was in the frame when I bought it, and certainly not something I expected to randomly stumble on at a local antique mall as I did.

Beautifully rendered art and powerful imagery, there, Deke. And I also like the frame that you found it in. Certainly, an extra, added bonus!

Congrats on the pickup and find! clap clap
handsome piece

I love how the combat/jousting between a white and black knight
has been used to symbolise the struggle between the Axis and Allies in WWII.

A nice find...  thumbup

Thanks for the comments, all!

I transcribed the text from below the image in the original Spanish:

--- Quote ---El blanco corcel de San Jorge asienta su casco en la fortaleza a cuyo abrigo se refugiara el caballero teutón, incapaz ya de llevar su amenaza más allá de los límites del suelo que se ha convertido en su encierro… Duro es el choque, y fatal el encuentro para el salteador de libertades. Tierra, aire y mar son todos caminos para las huestes invasoras: caminos en que a su paso florecen los laureles de la victoria mientras torna la vida para los que sufrieron la crueldad sin nombre del tirano.
--- End quote ---

According to Google translate, this is:

--- Quote ---The white steed of Saint George settles his helmet in the fortress in whose shelter the Teutonic knight took refuge, unable to take his threat beyond the limits of the ground that has become his confinement ... Hard is the clash, and fatal encounter for the liberty robber. Earth, air and sea are all paths for the invading hosts: paths in which the laurels of victory flourish in their wake while life returns for those who suffered the nameless cruelty of the tyrant.
--- End quote ---

Not the greatest translation, but still poetic, no?


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