Author Topic: NYT: Here’s the New ‘Frozen’ Musical Poster (and Seven That Didn’t Make the Cut)  (Read 688 times)

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Prelim note: can't stand musicals or most Disney movies (except Aladdin) but this story gives a rare behind-the-door analysis of official poster selection...

It’s been almost four years since the animated film “Frozen” made it impossible to unhear  “Let It Go.” That’s music to the ears of the Disney Theatrical Group as it readies to open a new high-profile musical adaptation of the movie on Broadway next spring.

It was a tricky assignment for Andrew Flatt, Disney Theatrical’s senior vice president for  strategy, marketing and revenue. He knew the poster design couldn’t stray too far from depicting the “Frozen” — a sweetheart story of Princess Elsa and her frosty powers — that fans hold dear.He also knew he wanted a color palette that stuck with ice-cold hues of blue, white and silver.

To make sure the stage version (which begins performances in Denver this month) set itself apart from the film, Mr. Flatt said he wanted a poster to “differentiate” (goodbye, Olaf the snowman) and “elevate” (hello, Broadway ticket prices):


I would have gone for the 1st one.....
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Bottom Right?

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White poster with finger tap, because, has prettiest girl and the blue background looks like a map of Australia