Author Topic: MONSTER OF TERROR/THE HAUNTED PALACE, British Quad - Help Needed!  (Read 104 times)

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I recently purchased the MONSTER OF TERROR original artwork for the left-hand side of this British quad poster (circa 1966).  Actually, it's not a fully-painted original, but a large photographic image (reversed) of Reynold Brown's American poster art that was re-worked by Tom Chantrell - who re-painted parts of Brown's photographic image. 

For whatever reason, the MONSTER OF TERROR part of the original poster artwork was later removed and was folded in quarters (Chantrell would often cannibalise his original artwork for re-use in other poster campaigns).

The art is currently with a professional paper conservationist for restoration, but parts of the lettering (that ran just underneath the main image) is missing.

Try as I might, I can't locate a decent image of the printed poster, to act as a source for re-creating the missing lettering.

Does anyone here own the printed poster (and be willing to send a good quality scan of the missing lettering elements)?

I didn't actually pay very much for this piece, but think it will look cool matted and framed as and when the project's completed.

The following pictures show the pre-restoration art, together with a small image taken from the pressbook release (that showcases the full poster image)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Here's the abc version..

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