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Georg Schubert

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Bavarian artist Georg Schubert (1911 - 2005) . Another creator of highly sought-after posters such as SINGING IN THE RAIN and IT CAME FROM OTHER SPACE (sadly I don't have those). It is hard to estimate how many posters he designed, probably 150 - 200, he started after the war and the last ones (I know) date back the the late 1960s. I have only about 40, but some nice ones included...

more Schubert. I'm so happy I got the QUIET MAN first release once for 70.- because the seller thought "non-western" Wayne is not collectable :).

I'll try a few more...

Nice, Mike. I like this one, as well as the Mogambo poster. 

I like THE QUIET MAN too, I'm  a Fordian :).

Here's a B-style for LES DIABOLIQUES and a BLACK SWAN 1959 re-release...


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