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Yes, I love that one too. That's what I'd call perfect advertising :).

Are you uploading photos direct to this website? (might be why the server crashed lol). If you upload to somewhere else like photobucket and link to it instead in your post, you can show many photos in the one post.

In the past when I had more time, I used photo bucket and three others of those. But it takes forever (when you want to upload more than 30 or 50 images...). Also they don't have a lot of "free" space. And when you or the upload-provider deletes some after years, you don't remember where or if you uploaded them which results in those boring forum pages filled with IMAGE DELETED OR NOT AVAILABLE. I see Paul has many of those here in this forum, many images are not visible any longer... It happened to me years ago in the Sergio Leone forum. I had uploaded about 100 posters & lc's, I don't remember why but at one time half of was suddenly off-line and I had to upload everything again.


Another Ernst Litter favorite:


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