Author Topic: 1884 Hand Tinted Steel Engraving  (Read 4182 times)

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1884 Hand Tinted Steel Engraving
« on: November 13, 2015, 03:23:27 PM »
I came across this, in another small 'thrift' store, over the weekend, too (all the proceeds from donated and sold items go to various women's and children's organizations, and I like that aspect greatly).

It's a hand tinted engraving from 1884, that was originally published on Jan 26, 1884, in the Bristol, UK newspaper called "The Graphic" (along with 5 other engravings) that did a story on the Fry's Chocolate Manufactory that was located there. (i really like the term 'manufactory.'). The title of this engraving is "A Roasting Room."

The engraver's initials may be in the lower right border (FGK), though there is also a small, stylized letter E (or maybe a combo of two letters - F and L?), in the lower left of the artwork itself, which could also be an artist's mark.

The print itself measures approx 14 x 20 inches and is framed and matted. The frame is a bit beat up on the right side and there are a couple stubborn stickers on the front glass that I need to remove.

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Re: 1884 Hand Tinted Steel Engraving
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Good lord, that last image looks as if they are manufacturing cast iron pinball machines!
Utter gent.

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Re: 1884 Hand Tinted Steel Engraving
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Pretty darn cool, Jeff!  "Manufactory" does sound like something yummy is made there, especially if pronounced at all similar to "confectionery"!  Very nice hunting find again for you.  Thanks for sharing it!  Okie