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Genres / Re: Star Wars posters!
« Last post by TheSundanceKid on Today at 11:03:18 AM »
I love these flipbooks !!

Any way to download them ??

Friggin awesome aren't they?

Max your browser and take screenshots (Command-Shift-3 on Mac, who knows on Winblows and copycat-loser-OS Android....)
Genres / Re: Star Wars posters!
« Last post by TheBigBoss on Today at 06:28:59 AM »
I love these flipbooks !!

Any way to download them ??
Well worth your time to check out the 1,000+ items (only 1% MP-related) offered in terrific Flipboard view:

Some of my faves:

We all should praise George Lucas! He's spending $1.4 BILLION of his Star Wars haul to 100% pay for (including 100% of future expenses) for his insanely-cool LA MUSEUM OF NARRATIVE ART. GL you are finally forgiven for plaguing us with Jar-Jar Binks, ha-ha....

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday gave its unanimous approval to George Lucas' Museum of Narrative Art, which may break ground this year at Exposition Park.

The "Star Wars" creator addressed the council before its 14-0 vote to OK an environmental impact report and other details.

"For a very brief time I actually grew up here," said Lucas, who has a film degree from USC, which is just north of the park. "That's where I learned movies. That's where I learned my craft. Basically where I started my career was in school here."

Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson, the business executive who is a driving force behind the project, had also considered building the museum in his hometown, San Francisco, or hers, Chicago. Finally it came down to the two California locations, with L.A. announced as the site in January. Ma Yansong of MAD Architects will design the museum, which is expected to open in 2021.

The cost of the project, estimated at $1 billion, will be footed by the Lucas family. There also will be a $400-million Lucas endowment.

“It is the largest private gift in our city, in our state or in our nation's history,” said Councilman Curren D. Price Jr., whose district includes Exposition Park.

Per the Los Angeles Times' art critic Christopher Knight (who's not a fan of the idea), the museum will include illustrations for magazines, posters and children’s books by artists including Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, Frank Adams and Norman Rockwell; a small group of paintings by Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Everett Shinn and others; and lots of movie set designs, costumes and storyboards.

Lucas' personal collection of art and cinematic memorabilia is the foundation of the new museum's offerings, and yes, "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" will be represented.

"With unanimous support from our City Council, the Lucas Museum is officially coming home to L.A.!" Mayor Eric Garcetti said on social media Tuesday, posting a picture of himself with the council members.
Genres / Re: Star Wars posters!
« Last post by Tob on Today at 05:14:31 AM »
Nice Mel, those images are much better.

The sold prices are in my screenshots if you want to update your post with that info
Star Wars is like crack cocaine for Gen X especially:

Genres / Re: Star Wars posters!
« Last post by TheSundanceKid on Today at 05:00:23 AM »
Some cool Tom Jung sketches just sold for lots of $ at Profiles in History auctions

Dag Tob you beat me! I'll post my screenshots from the Flipbook view. What were the realized prices Jeff, not posted yet?

It's a pleasure to meet you Mel. My name is Chris. I 100% understand your path down the rabbit hole into the addiction that we all know as poster collecting. I have been very hit and miss lately. I have around 600 or so in my collection. Continued discontent has cause endless delays for my website. I want it to look and feel a certain way, and have yet to fulfill that desire. I may just suck it up and let it be, and release it....

I am somewhat of a completest on certain titles, again hit or miss.  My main focus in the hobby is Horror roughly 80's and up, but I do dabble with others that catch my eye. Purely for aesthetic value of course, For example I acquired a French 1p for Scream of Fear because I adore the art. I also collect Disney OS and INTL OS. I do not buy any non US/INTL versions of Disney posters. I recently painted a mural for my daughter in her bedroom. I placed a 27 x 40 snap frame in the middle of the main wall. She currently has Moana on display. Which is appropriate considering the mural is an underwater scene. There is a post here with pictures and such if your interested. I believe it is in the life thread???  I also collect Monsters, UFOS, and Dames in distress. Though this part of my collection is mainly budget driven, I have some pretty cool stuff if I do say so myself. Like a 1960R of King Kong from Argentina, beautiful red white and black palette. Or some original B & W stills from films like Godzilla, Kong,  Them!, or Saucermen. This part of my collection I have mostly horded away and quietly collected.

So, welcome back. Who knows, maybe I will post a little more in the near future.

Thanks for sharing. Great you're involving your daughter. My STRONG advice for you and everybody else on APF:


It's free, easy to use, can post a zillion pics organized by album, peeps can post, etc. Nobody except T needs a stand-alone website now.  FB/social media sites have taken over.....

Mine is:
yes he was Shawn. If yuo recall, I had him chained to the back wall, with only the ability to reach the posters, or the bathroom. He keeps screaming about me making a bride for him. I just gave him a Farah Fawcette poster.. that seems to have calmed him down

Well GLAD to hear you gave him internet access as well as bathroom privileges (especially now that he has a Farrah poster. Ha!)
Welcome! It's always nice to see new folks joining. I'm glad you've already been exploring. There are a lot of great people on here who would love to discuss things with you should you need help or have questions.

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