Author Topic: WANTED: Chuck E. Cheese in-store wall art  (Read 35287 times)

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WANTED: Chuck E. Cheese in-store wall art
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:35:17 AM »
I am interested in materials produced during the period when Chuck was an adult rat and usually wore the red derby hat. So 1977 to approximately mid-1990s. Some stores held onto their artwork much longer, though. In this artwork he usually wears a red or checkered red/yellow vest, yellow shirt and black bow tie with no pants or a black full tuxedo. Not all the artwork has Chuck on it (some features the other characters) but if it was made during those years I'm interested. Some are actually posters, others are printed on resin or card stock. Also interested in other store-use items featuring this version of the character. 3D figures, signage, skeeball marquees, robots and their parts. Anything, really.



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Re: WANTED: Chuck E. Cheese in-store wall art
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The new mouse is wack.