Author Topic: Our incredible April Major Auction ends in HOURS and is filled with hidden gems!  (Read 189 times)

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My company's ('s) incredible April Major Auction ends in just a few hours TODAY (starting at 3 PM CST, NOT at 7PM, like our other auctions) at and it really IS a "Best of the best" of all our "regular" auctions (movie and non-movie, poster and non-poster, lobby cards, stills, movie edition books, heralds and so much more)!

I have been in collectibles in a major way for 56 years (and a full-time movie poster auctioneer for 35 of those years) and I know this in one of the best (and most diverse) offerings of movie paper (and some great NON-movie paper, like travel and war posters) I have seen in ANY one auction in ALL those years! And yet hundreds of these items are still at VERY low prices with just hours to go, far under where the same or similar items have sold for in the past).

I guarantee you there are a LOT of "hidden gems" closing today, and that really gives you incentive to look through all the 1,052 items one at a time! Consider it like going on an "Easter egg hunt", but for posters instead of decorated eggs!

Remember that we have NO reserves or buyers premiums (so EVERY item will really have a new owner when each auction ends, at exactly the final bid price, plus the actual cost of shipping), and we also have honest condition grading, and unenhanced super-sized images of every item (especially important when you are buying items that may have been restored, and must really trust the honesty of the auction house).

Best of luck to all of you bidding in our April Major Auction! This may prove to be one of the greatest movie paper buying opportunities EVER, but you can't win any of these if you aren't bidding! They start to close starting at 3 PM CT. and please everyone, try not to wait for the very last seconds to bid, because something can go wrong with your computer or phone!
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We have auctioned more movie paper for more money (in real sales) than any auction in the world.
We have the longest continuously running auctions of any auction, with over 1,914,280 to date from over 3,192 consignors.
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