Author Topic: 3,730 incredible auctions end next week, currently tons of deals and steals!!!!!  (Read 202 times)

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    •'s current three sets of auctions which end NEXT week (April 9th, 11th, and 14th) have amazing selections, and they cover such a wide range that they surely have something for EVERYONE!

BUT THE BEST PART OF OUR AUCTIONS IS THAT WE HONESTLY GRADE EVERY ITEM (incredibly important when it comes to linenbacked and restored items)!

Our current Tuesday auctions ending the 9th at contain 1,682 folded U.S. & non-U.S. posters, lobby cards, stills, and MUCH more.This has one of our best Tuesday selections of "flat package items" ever!

Our current Thursday auctions ending the 11th at contain 900 standard rolled posters AND 100 "oversized" rolled posters (U.S., non-U.S., and NON-movie posters). Want to find a great, affordable poster to put on your wall? Find it here!

Our Sunday auctions ending the 14th at contain 1,051 posters of every kind, lobby cards and SO much more in our April Major Auction. We had thought our last Major Auction was one of our best ever, but this one is even BETTER!

Or (for the next 7 days, until the Tuesday items start to close) view ALL the 3,730 auctions in a single gallery at which is super helpful if you want to search all the items at once for a favorite movie, star, or genre!

If you have not yet registered, go to to sign up (we qualify our bidders, something few auctions do, which means you will always be bidding against real bidders who honor their bids).

And if YOU are somehow not interested in any of these items, but have friends who would be (because they collect items like these or would find just one of interest) then do us (and them!) a favor by helping spread the word to them before these close!
We ( hold 2,500 to 4,000 auctions every four weeks.
We have auctioned more movie paper for more money (in real sales) than any auction in the world.
We have the longest continuously running auctions of any auction, with over 1,914,280 to date from over 3,192 consignors.
See all of our current auctions in one gallery here: