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I just saw how extremely low the prices are on many of my company's ('s) 1,000 rolled posters (U.S., non-U.S., and NON-movie posters) that begin closing in HOURS at 7 PM CST at

These auctions contain a LOT of VERY rare and desirable posters, and if there is not a positive FLOOD of last minute bidding there are going to be many incredible deals and steals made!

Note that some people feel these last minute reminder posts are "too long", or have "too much information", and if YOU feel this way, then please stop reading this now, and simply go to the above link right now and look these over well before they begin closing TODAY at 7 pm!

HOWEVER, IF YOU DON'T MIND READING MORE, PLEASE DO READ ON, because there is much useful and helpful information below!

If you are fairly new to this hobby, you may be very surprised to learn that the price levels of vintage movie paper (and related items) is FAR lower than that of ANY other collectible these days! One quick look at the current bid prices on the 1,000 auctions closing today proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

And in a time when so many items (from gasoline to real estate to stocks to fine art to every other kind of collectibles) are geometrically soaring in prices, LOTS of these items (including many great ones) are at prices similar to what they were 30 years ago (and I am not exaggerating one bit)!

Are YOU looking for "good buys" in this hyper-inflated world where EVERYTHING seems overpriced? Then closely look over these 1,000 rolled posters, because with 13 hours left (as of this writing), there are a whopping 179 at just $10 each or under, and 355 at just $20 each or under!

And in today's world, what does ten dollars or twenty dollars get you? Not much (maybe a quarter of a tank of gas)! But it CAN get you lots of really fun and cool vintage movie posters (and maybe two or three or four, all for just $20 for all)!

And remember: WE are the only major auction with NONE of those awful 20% or 25% "buyers premiums" (or a "minimum $29 buyers premium", meaning they will never sell any item for under $30 AND that their poor consignors receive pennies from a $30 sale).

It is not just these lowest priced ones that represent exceptional values, as there are items at every price level that are far under where the same (or similar) items have sold for before, so please start checking them out now!

THESE AUCTIONS ARE NOT SOLELY FOR "MOVIE POSTERS"! They include a large number of "non-movie" posters as well! Because our "every four week auctions" combine all different types of items into one auction, there are a number of groups of items closing very soon that are very worthy of special mention!

EXTRA SPECIAL! We have TEN posters from the very early 1910s closing in hours at all but one from 1912 and 1913!

These are from the same collection that we sold 11 posters from the same years on Tuesday, two days ago! These are TRUE "antique" movie posters because "antique" is typically defined as being over one hundred years old, and these are all 110 years old or over!

These TEN posters are in these auctions rather than the Tuesday ones, because these either were never folded, or only tr-folded, or they were once folded, but are too fragile to re-fold.

They include SEVEN incredible "vertical British Quads" from the very early 1910s (all from 1912 and 1913) at

Exactly what IS a vertical British Quad? Few people know that in the early days of British quads, they were originally in a vertical format (but they measured 30" x 40", just as they continue to do throughout the years).

We also have a great selection of EIGHTEEN INSERTS and ONE HUNDRED THIRTY NINE HALF-SHEETS! More and more collectors have been discovering these sizes (and realizing that they are almost always far more rare than the corresponding one-sheets).

If you have not yet discovered them, you need to do so, and today is a great day to start, with so many good titles closing! WE HAVE FAR FEWER INSERTS THAN USUAL (just 18), BUT WHAT WE LACK IN QUANTITY WE MAKE UP FOR IN QUALITY, AS THEY ARE ALMOST ALL REALLY NICE!

And on the half-sheets, know that we have WAY more than usual! We were blessed to be consigned a collection of EIGHTY HORROR/SCI-FI HALF-SHEETS (including many top titles!) that are at
'AND also we have a collection of THIRTY FOUR JOHN WAYNE HALF-SHEETS that are at

When you add in the many other fine half-sheets (including THREE ULTRA-RARE BEATLES HALF-SHEETS that are at you see that this is one of our best offerings of half-sheets ever!

These auctions also contain a fine selection of 362 rolled (or formerly folded) one-sheets at This is a really nice selection of the most collected U.S. poster size, covering many years and genres, including many EXTREMELY popular titles!

We also have ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX auctions of vintage British Quads (including a few other English posters) at

THIS TRULY IS ONE OF OUR VERY BEST OFFERINGS OF British Quads in quite some time (both in terms of QUALITY and QUANTITY!)

We also have SEVENTY FIVE Italian posters, (multiple sizes, including locandinas, Italian one-sheets, photobusta sets and more!). This is one of our better selections of these sizes in quite some time, both in terms of quantity and quality! We also have NINETY SEVEN Japanese posters at

In addition to these British, Italian and Japanese posters, there is also a great selection of posters from THIRTEEN other countries! Truly this IS "The World of Movie Posters", but you don't have to take many plane trips to find them! And as of right now, a LOT of these posters are at REALLY low prices!

We also have many other extremely rare and desirable U.S. and non-U.S. movie posters (and many non-movie posters), and you can easily find those other types of interest to you, by using our great Search Filters (located to the left of each of our galleries) if you are wanting to quickly see all we are auctioning on a particular star, genre, decade or whatever!

So if you want to quickly see solely the selection of TWENTY NINE posters from Star Wars movies (a nice selection!), then all you have to do is click on the Search Filter that says "Star Wars", and it will take you to just those 29 auctions at

The same works for the many other Search Filters). Using our Search Filters will make your time spent looking at our auctions FAR more productive, and it helps make certain you don't miss any items of interest to you!

Best of luck to every one of you who bids on any of the 1,000 auctions closing in HOURS today, starting at 7 PM CT at
We ( hold 2,500 to 4,000 auctions every four weeks.
We have auctioned more movie paper for more money (in real sales) than any auction in the world.
We have the longest continuously running auctions of any auction, with over 1,914,280 to date from over 3,192 consignors.
See all of our current auctions in one gallery here: