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Currently at auction from (closing in one day at ) is this first release English one-sheet for Mabel's Lovers, the 1912 Mack Sennett silent romantic love triangle slapstick comedy short!

One would HAVE to think this was a very risque title for 1912! The movie is about a woman who receives multiple marriage proposals at a summer resort. She decides to test her suitors by disguising her legs with wild, unsightly bumps, causing all but one admirer to retreat in disgust.

 the next day she appears without the bumps and she is admired by all, but only the one who when still cared for her when she was "disfigured" wins her love!

The movie starring Mabel Normand (in the title role as Mabel), Fred Mace, Ford Sterling, and Alice Davenport. Does the name "Mabel Normand" sound at all familiar?

She was an actress/comedienne from the 1910s to the 1920s. She was a giant of early cinema, and the first great female movie comedienne, and she even pre-dated Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton!

She started with just a few movies in 1910, and she was mostly unbilled or low-billed in 1911, but in 1912 she became a leading star (two years before Chaplin appeared in his first movie).

Some of her shorts were named after her character and in 1912 she made this movie, where her character also had her own name, and the movie was named after her, showing just how popular she had become by 1912.

In 1914 she started directing her own movies. She made several movies with Charlie Chaplin and surely helped him start his career, and after he left Keystone she made movies with Fatty Arbuckle.

She had a turbulent private life, and was engaged to studio head Mack Sennett, who she worked for. She got tuberculosis and started drinking heavily, which greatly curtailed her career in the 1920s.

Some of her other movies include: Tillie's Punctured Romance, Mickey, The Extra Girl, A Film Johnnie, and Caught in a Cabaret. She passed away in 1930 at the age of just 37 from the tuberculosis she had had for years

In a time when moviemakers yearn for movies about very important women in history, surely SOMEONE should make one about the life of Mabel Normand!

And one would THINK a 112 year old poster in great condition would sell for LOTS of money, but this museum quality poster is currently just $299!
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