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I have been in collectibles 56 years, full-time auctioneer for 33 (and years before that I was a major comic book dealer and publisher for 10 years).

Over and over people who have bought from me for DECADES call up and say "I bet you never thought you would hear this from ME, but I am ready to sell my collection!"

I reply, "EVERYONE gets to this point eventually, except for the few who pass away first, and then their heirs call me, usually with no knowledge or preparation from the collector, who could not face their own mortality."

And the ones who left their heirs my number are the lucky ones, because I treat everyone the same, 100% honestly. I have heard a thousand horror stories over the years from heirs who got taken to the cleaners from unscrupulous dealers or auctions, who brag after about the "great deal" they got.

Everyone with a major collection needs to have a good talk with their heirs about what should happen to their collection if they pass on, or better yet write it out.

And if YOU are someone who thinks that an "honest auction company" is an oxymoron, you really need to ask around about MY business, because I have had so very many people consign truckloads of items without even a list, and I have never cheated anyone out of even one item!

And if I sound like I am bragging about my honest business, I am, and after a lifetime at it, I know have earned a right to! 🙂
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