Author Topic: 980 bulk lots containing 39,364 items end in ONE day! TONS OF STEALS!  (Read 14 times)

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    • has 980 bulk lots containing 39,364 items in all at auction ending in ONE day on SUNDAY at, beginning at 3 PM CT.

IF YOU THINK THESE BULK LOTS CONTAIN A LOT OF "BETTER THAN USUAL" ITEMS, YOUR EYES ARE NOT DECEIVING YOU! That's because we are being a LOT harsher on what qualifies for single auctions, so these bulk lots now OFTEN contain items you USED to see as single auction items!

As of right now, I can see that the high bidders on most of these are dealers who will be re-selling them (and nothing wrong with that!), but certainly those of you who are collectors should be looking those especially closely since almost all of them are all absolutely at wholesale prices (or below!)

This is one of our biggest and best bulk lot auction EVER (and this one surely has our best selections EVER of folded one-sheets and lobby cards, because we are very focused on getting ALL sub-$30 ones auctioned ASAP)!

CONSIDER THIS: In the past 9 years, we have held around 84 of these bulk lot auctions, and in all they have contained over 57,000 lots, which themselves contained 1,565,000+ items, and we will continue with these until we finally have auctioned all the remaining sub-$30 items that are here!

I know that Sunday's offering contains at least some items of interest to virtually every collector, often at prices so low you will have trouble believing they are so low (and because they now OFTEN contain $10, $15, and $20+ items , they can REALLY be worth checking out, both for dealers and collectors alike).

I strongly urge everyone reading this to look all of these bulk lots over! Even if you have never yet bought "regular" movie posters (or vintage lobby cards, stills, magazines, program books, etc) because this would be a great time to start, as you will likely find the incredibly low current high bid prices hard to believe!

But there is no "catch". These come to us from long time dealers and collectors who have already had us auction their best material, and now they are fine with their remaining items selling in these bulk lots, no matter how low the final selling prices!

This is like walking into a store and having the owner tell you that EVERYTHING is 90% off for one day only! Best of luck to those of you who bid in these auctions!
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