Author Topic: "You left something out of my package"!  (Read 133 times)

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"You left something out of my package"!
« on: January 10, 2023, 07:42:59 AM »
One of the most frustrating emails an online seller can receive is one where a buyer says "You left something out of my package".

I imagine many sellers DO regularly forget to include an item in some or many orders, but my company,, NEVER does this.

How can I say "never"? Two reasons. One is that when our auctions end, we DON'T put the items aside and pull the orders as they are paid for, creating the chance that at the end, items that were missed being pulled are "left over".

Instead, we pull ALL the items for every order, dividing them into "who got what", so if anything is somehow overlooked, we can "go back" and put it in the correct order.

The other reason is that a remarkable man, Paul Ericson, oversees this entire process, and over well over a decade he has devised a process whereby almost no mistakes of any kind EVER happen!

So EVERY time I get an email saying "You left something out of my package", I ask them to go back through EVERY bit of packaging, and I assure them it almost surely WILL be located, and EVERY time they do (often one or more days later, usually after insisting there is NO way they missed seeing the item).

Now this shows how incredibly honest poster collectors are! None of them ever stand by their story, even though it means they have to make an embarrassing phone call (or write an equally embarrasing email) stating they messed up and "missed" what was right in front of their eyes!

But yesterday I had a new wrinkle happen in this regard! As I was leaving work a buyer frantically emailed that the most expensive item he had bought had been left out of his order.

I quickly emailed him my standard reply, to SUPER carefully check every bit of packaging, and to of course not throw anything out until the missing poster was located, and then went home.

This morning I received two emails from him. The first said "This ain't my first rodeo" and detailed (with images) how there was NO chance the poster was in the package.

I soon received a second one, and I expected it would sheepishly say the poster had been located. But he did not write that. Instead, he said he went back to the original auctions he bought from, and he discovered he had been outbid on that poster at the last minute,

So the "missing" poster was not there because he not won it! Just when you think you have "heard it all", someone comes up with something brand new!
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Re: "You left something out of my package"!
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2023, 08:12:33 AM »

Now this shows how incredibly honest poster collectors are!!

It mainly shows what a fantastic job Paul does. I've only inadvertently chucked out one (under-sized) poster, well concealed in brown paper, in 25 years of receiving shipments from Bruce due to my carelessness.


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Re: "You left something out of my package"!
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2023, 01:01:45 PM »
Bruce and emovie definitely has the best packaging in the industry!