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    •'s head photographer, Whitney Yarber, was in a horrendous vehicle accident last week, and it is truly a miracle she survived. Even more amazing, she is on the road to recovery, but she will be out of work for three months.

Normally, that would mean we would never be able to get all the December Major Auction items photographed in time, but fortunately one of our main shipping people USED to do photography for us, so he is able to "fill in" for Whitney until she returns, and our December Major Auction won't be delayed at all.

But that means our shipping department will be "down a man" at the worst possible time (because we have so much to pack and ship after our two major auctions in a single week). All of the other shipping people have volunteered to work overtime, but we still will not be able to get shipping quotes as quickly as we usually do.

Thanks so very much to all of our customers for being understanding of just how difficult a time this is for our packing, invoicing and shipping people, especially because of Whitney's terrible accident (see below), and our employees do a wonderful job (as those of you who have ordered from us before know all too well)!

BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU MORE ABOUT WHITNEY WHO WAS SO BADLY INJURED. Here are two images of her, right after her accident (they are not for the faint of heart):

As you can see, she suffered major injuries, and she is very lucky to be alive. But as you can also see from the image of her in her wheelchair with her broken leg and damaged arm, she somehow "came out smiling"! That is not surprising for those who know Whitney well, for she has one of the most cheerful dispositions of anyone I have EVER met in my entire life, always cheerful and upbeat, and one of those rare people ALWAYS looking to help others out, even though she has a husband and four young children.

She started here ten years ago, at minimum wage, doing the most basic tasks at first, and through hard work (and her having a very quick mind!) she worked her way up to head photographer.

Now she has had this horrendous accident, but she may make a complete recovery over the next three months. I am keeping her on the payroll throughout that time, and a "GoFundMe" page has been set up to help with her many added expenses during this most trying time.

I rarely ever ask anyone for anything, but would YOU please consider going to and donating any amount (no matter how small) to help with Whitney's expenses?

It is not just the money, but I think it would mean SO much to her if she sees a bunch of people showing "they care", even if they include lots of "little" donations! I already asked my present customers, and around 100 of them contributed. As I said, it can be $5. I just want Whitney to know people care!

And if you are one of the many thousands of people who have complimented us on the quality of our auction images (which unlike so many other auctions show the posters as they REALLY look!), then know that more often than not, it was Whitney who took the image, so here is a way to show her some thanks for that!

And of course I will update all of you on her progress in recovering in a future post. To me it is an outright miracle she survived and if she completely recovers (as it is looking she might well do) that would be an even greater miracle!

And PLEASE, whatever you do, DON'T post on this thread negatively. I am just trying to give a helping hand to someone who could really use it, both financially, and mentally, at a time when she is of course feeling really overwhelmed.

Thanks to anyone who contributes, and I fully understand that most of you won't. It is just the way of the world. But for those of you who do, you will have done something to make the world a little better place!
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