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July 2022
« on: July 07, 2022, 07:32:58 PM »
Let me start the ball rolling for July, I just got this IMAX version poster from the IMAX 3D screening of Thor Love and Thunder yesterday in Singapore .There is nothing special about the design of poster, what was special was the experience. This is the first full house I have seen after such a long time ,signifying the end of the pandemic is finally in sight.All the audience laughed and clapped together, our hearts are joined together ,immersing ourselves into another world.This poster is my prayer to the world,I hope the pandemic and war will be over soon and and world will be filled with peace and love again.I hope all broken hearts will be healed and hands will be joined again.

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Re: July 2022
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2022, 10:05:42 PM »
I've been slowing down quite a bit on collecting posters recently as I've had to focus on saving for other things, but sometimes some really good deals or posters show up that I just have to buy!

Here's the US One Sheet for 1963's "Move Over Darling". This is currently the oldest one sheet in my collection. Doris Day is one of my favorite actresses and this was the first Doris Day film I ever watched, so I have a soft spot for this one! I've always wanted to get some Doris Day posters as they are all available at decent prices, but I've focused so much more on '80s posters that I've neglected buying these. I just couldn't say no to this one though as it was a such a great price. I'm hoping to eventually collect some of the nice international versions of this poster, as I'm not really a fan of how this one looks. (Still a very good and fun film though!).
I have to admit though that since I'm not familiar with these older one sheets, this one threw me a bit off when trying to determine its authenticity...but since I have nothing to compare it to I'll have to assume it is genuine!

A video release poster for 1987's "The Allnighter". I have to admit that I haven't actually seen this film yet, but it has been on my watchlist for quite some time now and I do own the film so I'll get around to that soon! It definitely looks like my type of film though, so I don't doubt I'll enjoy it! The soundtrack has been on my purchase list for quite some time as well, so I'll likely purchase it after watching the film!

A video release poster for the 1989 film "Blades". I have to admit that this one bored me a bit more than I thought it would since it seemed like it was going to be a "so ridiculous it's good" type of film, but it disappointed in that department. Maybe I just have to give it another chance though...but I do love the poster! The back side just has some information on the video release and I thought it was funny that these types of posters have the scissor line on the bottom to tell you to cut off the date when it is actually available!

I LOVE Whoopi Goldberg so I was happy to finally grab more posters for her films. Here we have the video release posters for 1987's "Fatal Beauty" and 1986's "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Fatal Beauty is double sided, with the back side advertising the video release of the film. I'll have to grab a second copy sometime so I can have both sides framed and on display! Jumpin' Jack Flash is for some reason slightly wider than a typical one sheet so it won't fit on any of my current frames and will need its own custom frame.
I'm definitely going to have to grab more Whoopi Goldberg posters sometime, including more theatrical posters as I believe I only have video release posters of her films.

A video release poster for 1984's "Hot Dog". This was the one that led to my spending spree of a lot of these posters as I didn't know a video poster for this one existed and I was happy to see it and immediately bought it. It was another fun typical sex comedy but I preferred "Snowballin", which was a similar movie also released that same year! I also have the UK quad for this one with different artwork, but I don't remember if I posted that one or not when I bought it a while back!

Video release poster for 1988's "Mac And Me". I absolutely adore this film and I think it deserves so much more love and should be considered as much a classic as E.T.! I love the soundtrack for the film as well and own it on vinyl. I also own the original one sheet for this film, although I don't think I ever posted that here. This is one where I'm also looking into buying international versions of the poster since I love it that much! I was really happy when this specific poster went up for sale! I did think it was funny though that the release date was folded to be hidden so I have to assume the video store owner had it displayed past the date and folded it to hide it! Better than being cut off though, as it's an important part of the poster's history!

Here's another I didn't ever think I'd find. A video release poster for the 1985 classic "Teen Wolf" film. I remember watching this back when I was in high school around the time it was made into a TV show (which got me into the film), so I definitely have a lot of nostalgia for this one as well. I have the Shout Factory release poster stored away and someday I might look into getting the one sheet, but I believe that one is a bit more on the pricey side! Happy to have this one at least!

This one isn't actually a new purchase but I was surprised to find it when I was organizing my posters that I have stored away. 1987's "The Lost Boys". When I bought this it was advertised as a video release poster. I never actually looked at it when it arrived and I kept it folded away for nearly two years. I was surprised to see it was in fact a theatrical release poster. Part of me is disappointed it isn't a video release poser (I wonder if one does in fact exist), but the other part of me is relieved because this one sheet seems to have jumped in price. I was looking into buying one but put it off when I saw the price, so I'm glad I finally dug this one out before I ended buying a second copy!

A video release poster for 1987's "Dudes". This one is very different from the theatrical one sheet which is always nice! I already own the original one sheet and they display very well together! I was searching for this specific version for months so again, was happy to finally get my hands on it!

I saved the best for last! I was able to get both a US One Sheet AND a UK quad for the 1983 film "Suburbia"! These posters seem to be uncommon so I did have to search for quite some time to be able to get them! My fiancÚ and I love '80s punk films so this one was very enjoyable for us to go through and we immediately fell in love with it! I don't have a frame for quads yet, so I'll have to purchase one for soon to be able to display these together! The quad for this one is a bit wider than the standard quads, so the previous owner had an additional small fold at the end to make it fit it a quad frame.

Our little hobby definitely requires both a lot of patience and a lot of luck, but it does pay off in the end when we get great pieces of film history that we love!

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Re: July 2022
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2022, 04:50:20 PM »
I've been very busy (and exhausted) with work this summer but I've finally managed to document all my purchases in July!

First up is a video poster for the 1985 sex comedy "Screwballs 2: Loose Screws". Although I can't say whether I prefer the first film or this one it was very fun to watch and as the title implies, full of screwball antics. Really love the artwork for this one and the "careful" placement of the two "o's" in the title.

Next up is the 1984 musical sci-fi film, Voyage Of The Rock Aliens. For the longest time I tried hunting down a VHS copy of the film as it wasn't on Blu-ray...and then was surprised when just a few months ago it finally got an official Blu-ray release! I immediately purchased it and fell in love with it! It's full of great music and just a lot of fun to go through. Was so happy to be able to finally watch it! I knew immediately after seeing this film that I would have to have the posters for it and bought not only the US one sheet but the french grade as well!

Now I have added yet another slasher movie poster to my collection, this time for the 1981 "Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker".
 I love this film not only because of its importance in LGBTQ+ cinema history, but also because of actress Susan Tyrrell as I loved watching her in the "Angel" films and seeing her in another role was great! I've been hunting for this one for a while and was happy to finally get a copy after having to let the last one I saw go. I just wish the artwork was in color! It was also re-released a few years later under the alternate title "Night Warning" which I'm sure I will also get at some point, although I prefer this artwork. :)

Next is the US one sheet for the 1987 comedy "Summer School". This was yet another that I immediately fell in love with because of just how much fun it was. I knew immediately I'd have to grab the soundtrack and poster! This film was very relatable to me as I'm a soon-to-be teacher making it much more enjoyable! It also made me a bit homesick as part of it was filmed at one of my old workplaces which was fun to see!

Here are a few video game related posters that I was finally able to check off my list! They are posters for film adaptions of both "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill". The games and films for both franchises were very important parts of my teen years as I would spend a lot of time playing through them and watching the films. I have many great memories with them, so they are very welcome additions to my collection!
I was able to obtain the Thierry hates "French Grande" of the 2006 Silent Hill film (I own the quad already), the Thierry hates "French Grande" of 2004's Resident Evil Apocalypse, and the video poster for the animated film adaption "Resident Evil Degeneration" from 2008 (I found it hilarious it advertised the PSP as an option, a sign of different times indeed).
Apocalypse is probably my favorite live-action Resident Evil film and the original Silent Hill film is far superior to its 2012 sequel, so very happy to have these!

I was able to buy yet another Whoopi Goldberg poster, this time for my favorite Whoopi film "Homer and Eddie" from 1989. It's the Thierry hates "French Grande" with different artwork than what was featured in the US releases. As I love this film, I'm definitely happy to have another version of this poster in my collection!

Saving the best for last, this is not only my favorite of this bunch but also probably one of my top favorites in my entire collection. This one is an Italian two panel (4 Fogli) poster for 1989's "Earth Girls Are Easy"! Amazing artwork by Enzo Sciotti! I LOVE Julie Brown and this film was so much fun to watch as it was based on one of her songs. I love that she is also featured in this poster, unlike the US and other foreign posters. It's definitely huge but so beautiful and would be an amazing love letter to this film to have it displayed! Would definitely appreciate some advice on getting this one displayed if possible!

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Re: July 2022
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2022, 10:53:59 PM »
Amazing collection!!!   thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

A lot of great stuff there, bravo!

I love Sciotti's art and also own a few of his posters.  Congrats.

As far as displaying a 55x78in Italian poster, I'd suggest pins and clips.  Easy to put up, easy to take down.  I'm not big on displaying posters, but it's the easiest and cheapest solution.

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