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April 2022


Failing to be able to discuss with a barista-girl, I met the atomic star ("Vedette atomique" on the poster) Gilda.

Just a small Belgian poster, not the deep pockets for the US poster...

A small anecdote, that some should know: this post-war poster is printed on a military map due to the lake of paper in Belgium at that time.

Anthony, I love finding out details like the military map on the back of your Belgian Gilda, it really adds to the history of the poster.

Yes it is 'unfortunately' an interesting period.

Very good American films noirs were released during the war in Europe and the French only discovered these movies after the war.
In France, during the war, several films were made by the 'Continental Films' and it's interesting to find these first release posters.
The Continental Company having been created by Goebbels in order to keep control over French cinema.
I would just like to buy the poster of "la main du diable" and the one of " le corbeau" with the logo of Continental Films.

Very nice, and uncut as it should be.  Bravo!!!



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