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March 2022

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--- Quote from: eatbrie on March 07, 2022, 02:26:05 PM ---I like that Vallejo piece.  I don’t think I own any posters on the title, because I must have seen it to collect it.  Is it a movie worth watching?


--- End quote ---

Thanks buddy!  If I didn't know it was Boris, I'd have pegged it as a Casaro.  And, I got it because of the artist and no other reason.

Honestly, it is a pretty mediocre film.  It isn't anywhere near some of the terrible films from the late 70's and early 80's, many of which were so bad they are fun to watch now or had some amusing schtick.  At the same time, it definitely isn't what anyone would call good.  Unless you are a wrestling (WWF, WWE, etc) fan (it has some of the old school wrestling personalities), Paradise Alley sits squarely in the purgatory 'meh' zone.

Another lost Boris Vallejo Piece.  Wu zi tian shi (1978).  The official English title for this film is The Phoenix.  However, almost every non-Asian poster has film titled War of the Wizards.  I am honestly not 100% positive where and why they used the War of the Wizards vs. Phoenix titles.  However, my belief based on what I have seen for sale and where they come from is that War of the Wizards is equivalent to the 'domestic' title and The Phoenix is the 'international'.  Interestingly, the twi titles had similar but different Boris Vallejo art.  This is the only one sheet I have ever seen with The Phoenix title. 


--- Quote from: Tob on March 07, 2022, 09:27:03 AM ---Cool art on that one! I don't remember the film...I do vaguely remember 'Rad', another 80s BMX film. The synopsis on IMDB sounds fun, I'll have to hunt it down...

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I finally got a chance to watch Rad when it released on Bluray last year - it was fun and had a great soundtrack although I think I prefer BMX Bandits myself. Definitely recommended - last I saw it was free on Shout Factory TV streaming.
I'd love to own a Rad One Sheet as well to pair it with, but those are a bit more pricey and I'm not a fan of the art used so it's not a priority at the moment.

These next two posters I haven't actually seen the films yet - but they've been on my "need to watch" list for a long time since I love '80s sex comedies. I ordered the VHS tapes and they are on the way so that will change soon - and I'm sure I'll love them.
They only reason I put them off for so long was because of how rare and expensive the tapes are - and they aren't on Bluray/DVD.

I'm not a fan of the theatrical poster for "Lets Do It" just because of the odd choice of placement/color scheme of the's just strange and doesn't really help tell you what the film is about. The VHS tape had MUCH better artwork, but I don't know if a poster for it exists.

"Goin' All The Way" had two different theatrical release posters with completely different artwork. I only have this one for now, but I will definitely get the other when I have a chance. (I prefer this one though - it's much more hilarious to look at.)
I've owned this film's soundtrack for ages so it's long overdue that I watch the movie itself!

Has been awhile for me getting any posters. But had to get this one…

I got this 'Alice in Wonderland' character poster recently. I hadn't seen this version before and presumed it was a fan made poster or fake because it wasn't printed with the other posters. There were a few issues such as a different design to the logo and the fact that the character also looks completely different from how he appears in the film.

Anyway, I did some research and it seems this was a concept poster that must have been created while the film was in production. I found some production paper work with a similar version of the logo and a behind the scenes photo showing this was the original look for the March Hare.

Anyway, not sure why I'm posting all this because I'm sure it's boring to most but I'm really happy to have it and it was fun tracking down its origins.


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