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October 2021

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Bought these last month but only received them today.

Wow!  As always, Antoine knocks it out of the ballpark.  Amazing selection!!!


Great selection, Antoine! Especially in this month of Halloween. La Vampira Nuda is my favourite, wonderful artwork.

Great stuff Antoine. I was wondering who ended up with Jungle Woman, that's the only size I don't have on the film and was debating whether to go higher or not. Congrats

Thanks Thierry!

Tob, I already have the French poster for Nude Vampire, with the original Druillet art that this Italian 4F adapted.  TBH, I'm not sure which version I like best, they're both quite striking.

Crowzilla, sorry to hear we were both bidding on that massive Jungle Woman.  I hadn't come across a 6-sheet for that title before so I went all in, as I can't seem to resist rarities these days.


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