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September 2021

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Here is one that actually makes me happy :) so I'm posting it.

Its a French billboard (8 pieces, 118x156in). 

I was 9 when the movie came out in Paris, and I remember going to my grandmother's apartment after school and seeing this huge poster plastered to a wall alongside this little train station in the 16 arrondissement.  How could I not, right?  This is, to my recollection, the first time I ever noticed a movie poster.  So I bought it just for pure nostalgia.



--- Quote from: kovacs01 on September 07, 2021, 08:26:59 PM ---I didn't know that T!  I have a '74 myself.  It isn't so much when it breaks, but the 10.5 mpg that gets me!

--- End quote ---

True, not the best gas mileage, but my wife drives a Tessla, so between the 2 of us, I figured we're within California regulations hahah

Here's my toy car :)  Let's just say that it doesn't go unnoticed.


Wow. Nice Shining Poster! and nice Bronco T!

Thierry, I can relate to your story about seeing the poster for The Shining while being a kid in Paris, since it came out when I was about the same age as you were (7 to be exact).  I remember seeing that huge poster on the concave walls in various Metro stations and thinking that the movie looked terrifying, lol.

Mine was at the top of boulevard beausejour at la Muette :)



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