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September 2021

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--- Quote from: eatbrie on September 06, 2021, 01:59:49 PM ---Iím with you here, not on the linen backing but on the crazy prices.  I think Iím buying about half of what I was buying 3 years ago.  Not much out there, Bruce once a month, HA out of reach, and the rest extremely overpriced.  I see posters that I bought 5 years ago go for 10 times what I paid for.  Not exaggerating.  Itís insane.


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Hey! T,

So well said mate, you are so right about the crazy prices these days, in the UK some dealer websites are basically taking the pi** with the prices of certain posters, I've been pretty much priced out of the market for the most part, and in truth even if I had money to burn I don't think I'd be prepared to pay some of today's asking prices, there has to be a sensible limit IMO.

Also agree that posters that were reasonable prices just a few years ago are now crazy priced and most certainly out of reach for many collector's because of it, so you are quite right "insane" pretty much sums up the way things have headed in recent times.

In the UK it seems as though practically "everything" has gone up in price since all this Covid, even essentials like food shopping etc. have gone up with no sign of things slowing down or getting any better, basically everything seems expensive today :'(

It's like everything and every hobby had price increases.
I am also into classic cars. What I don't understand is that people will try to sell rust buckets at extremely high prices (at least some decent prices in the US still). Where parts of the car are rotted/rusted. Custom panels, etc, would need to be made. and they are demanding high dollar when they have no idea how much money would go into it. You can find one done for less money.
Remember when you could get your kids into the card hobby for fun. Now some hobby packs/boxes go for $3000 lol..

Back to the posters.
I remember me and T bidding on this poster pre Covid. It's something that hardly comes up and I really wanted it in my collection. And I still don't have it. Pre-covid or early covid it finally comes out at auction. I was outbid, and this other bidder came on outbid all of us.. I want this poster in my collection, not sure if T found one yet either? (I'm not saying the name here as guests may watch and draws attention and they put it on their radar too) haven't seen it on your website yet. But now, I'm terrified to see the price when it comes up now and what it may sell for...

Ha!  Not really a classic car but I drive a 50 year old Bronco and that thing is costing me so much when it breaks.  But it's so fun to drive :)

Not remembering what poster you're talking about.  PM me.



--- Quote from: bigmike on September 06, 2021, 07:58:08 AM ---Nice addition as well Chris. Yes, backed in Canada by Dan.

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Thanks Mike!  Looks like Dan did another nice job - congrats

Oh yeah, I forgot about that poster Mike, and I still want it.  Not looking for it though, I donít do that anymore, but if it shows up again, Iíll go for it again.



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