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Who created the art for this poster????

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Yeah, Vick, it does. I can kind of see that in the large face image, too.


--- Quote from: jedgerley on October 04, 2015, 06:18:49 PM ---Heres a thread to use if you need to figure out who did the artwork for a movie poster

So to kick it off who the heck did this one? anyone know?
Friday The 13th UK Quad

--- End quote ---

That's a tough one, Jason.
If Eddie Shannon (Film on Paper) and Bruce (emovieposter) don't know, I'm not sure who would.

Then again, that Paul Waines guy knows a thing or two about quad artists...
Howzaboutit Paul?

I've wondered about this for a long time. I've asked Sim Branaghan (author of the must-own British Film Posters book) in the past and he's also not certain either. It is, as far as I'm aware, artwork that's unique to the quad so it should be a British artist. We're just not sure which one!

Any ideas Mr Waines?

Ed what do you think about it possibly being Ron Felton?

paul waines:
I've never looked in this "Artists" section before, and I could fill this particular thread...

I have to say, I have no idea who did the artwork on Friday 13th Quad. Have you asked Bryan, Ed ? Maybe worth an ask. 


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